Amanda Bynes' Cheek Piercing Is a Painful Reminder of Her Problems

Amanda BynesI'm just going to come right out and say it -- Amanda Bynes' new facial piercing is freaky. She tweeted a picture of it this week, and it makes me wince just to look at it.

Maybe it's some sort of a fake or something for a movie deal (fingers crossed), but if she really put a hole in her face then, first -- ouch! And second -- why?

Tattoos, body piercings, shaved heads, what have you, I typically figure to each his or her own when it comes to personal expression (and silently pray my children NEVER consider any of them). But this -- for her -- feels like yet another cry for help.


Bynes has been on what seems to be such a self-destructive and bizarre course for so long now, so I suppose it's not surprising. It seemingly started back in 2010 when she announced she was done with acting forever. She was 23, so it seemed just a smidgen premature, but she reportedly did it because no one wanted to work with her and her freaky ways.

Then there was a series of driving disasters last year -- from TWO cases of driving on a suspended license to DUI, to so many hit-and-runs we lost count. There were also reports of her locking herself in a bathroom in New York and going crazy talking to herself in a gym and getting thrown out. And on and on, with no reports that she got any kind of help of support that she seemingly needed.

So in the scheme of things, a facial piercing probably isn't all that crazy I suppose, and at least it's not putting anyone else in danger. But still it seems almost her saddest move of them all. It's pretty hard to ignore.

I know there are plenty of proponents of facial piercings, and that's fine. But in Amanda's case, it just seems like another sad cry for help and NOT just a fashion accessory.

What do you think of Amanda Bynes' facial piercing?


Image via Twitter


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