‘Plastic Wives’ Stars Women With the Worst Cosmetic Surgery You’ve Ever Seen (VIDEO)


plastic wivesHere's a question I never thought I'd ponder: would I ever want to see a woman's labia in a jar? I didn't really think it through before I pressed play on the promo for TLC's new show Plastic Wives, and then there it was, a removed labia, in a jar, in my face.

The show is ostensibly about the wives of some of Beverly Hills' most revered plastic and cosmetic surgeons and how these "women" lead lives as half-human, half-artificial-compound cyborgs living and half-breathing in California.

The show follows about four or five women who all sadly think they're their husbands' best advertisements, but really, most people, like us, look at them like they've lost their minds. From the giant lips to the rock-hard breasts to the tummy tucks, liposuction, nose jobs, arm jobs, and yes, labia jobs, they basically look sort of disgusting.

There is good news, though: at least now Lindsay Lohan has something to fall back on when this whole acting thing wears off. She's a perfect candidate for this show. All we gotta do is find her a plastic surgeon husband ... shouldn't be too hard, right LiLo?

Watch the Plastic Wives promo and let me know: will you tune in to the show?


plastic surgery


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proud... proudmomma6804

Just so wrong!! I think after seeing that I'll be happy to age gracefully without any kind of plastic surgery lol

caral... caralicious

They look like the girls in "Death becomes Her"


lissa... lissalynn83

I actually feel bad for these women...they obvously have a horrible problem with self esteem. I have a ton of flaws, but I would never in a million years care about those 'flaws' enough to get them all 'fixed'. Those ladies have issues!

Liane... Lianetherider

Call me crazy, but I thought most of them looked fine. I mean, they'd obviously had work done, but I was expecting some kind of wacky-looking cyborg women. They (most of them) looked pretty normal to me.

small... smallfryes

Well, judging by all the reality shows you guys recap here on the stir - Teen Mom, Real Housewives of insert a city here), and anything Kardashian - I'm sure this show will be a real hit with you guys supporting it.

I'll stick to Face Off on Syfy, where people have to display real talent.

Rhys Branman

I had a little bit of trouble with this too. I do not perform this procedure and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has made a statement against these surgeries. One of the problems is that there is a lack of research that has been done regarding female genitalia. For instance, it was only very recently that the clitoris has been discovered to be a much larger organ than what is visible, the glans. And certainly many woman have no access to comparing except perhaps with pornography. Judging the aesthetic beauty of women's genitals based on pornography is problematic because not only are the standards unrealistic, but they are influenced and constructed by the sex industry. For instance, one reason women are seeking cosmetic surgery is to reduce or make the external labia symmetrical. There is a reason the labia is not symmetrical. This is to protect the vagina and inner labia. One side is intended to fold over the other.

Dr Rhys Branman
Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

Natalie Gossett

This is so disgusting and demeaning. How about a show where the women actually DO something and have real education and jobs?

nonmember avatar DJ

The Brazilian woman is hideous. She looks like a freak with those huge lips. The Vagina Doctor's wife is not attractive either.

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