'GQ' Sexiest Women of the 21st Century List Is Actually Really Insulting

GQ sexiest womenWhile most of the celebs who landed a spot on GQ's 100 Sexiest Women of the 21st Century list will be pretty flattered to have made the cut, a few may wind up being more than a little bit offended.

Hold on, let me explain. You see, GQ broke the list of sexy ladies down into categories -- such as "Miss Millennium, a.k.a. the Sexiest Woman of Our Time" (Beyonce), "Hottest Scene in a Movie" (Katie Holmes), "Spousal Hot" (Michelle Obama), and "The Second Hottest Woman of Every Year" (Jennifer Aniston) -- but there were also a few other choice distinctions that probably should've been left off the list altogether.

Like the ones that have to deal with ethnicity, for example.


Yep, GQ went there. They went ahead and handed out awards with titles like, "Hottest Indian Chick," "Hottest Italian Chick," "This Year's Hot Chinese Chick," "Hottest Pregnant Sri Lankan," and so on and so forth.

And now, of course, we're all scratching our heads as to why they felt the need to be so tasteless in separating these women based on their cultural gene pool. UGH! I mean, I get that they were probably just trying to come up with unique titles to assign to the various 100 gals on the list, but resorting to their ethnic backgrounds? Really?

Considering this is the 21st century, aren't we past that kind of stuff? (Apparently not.)

Then again, maybe those of us who are seeing these breakdowns as a bit offensive are just overreacting. After all, GQ was probably just trying to get their readers' attention and meant nothing remotely derogatory with those titles, right? (Let's hope that's all it was.)

Do you think the ethnic titles are offensive?


Image via GQ

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