Pamela Anderson Bashed for Looking Older Than Her Age

Pamela AndersonIt must be tough being a celebrity. Sure, you get freebies galore, you're overpaid, and you get to knock boots with your hot costar. But you also get bullied almost 24/7. Gain a pound and headlines gloat about how fat you are. Lose a pound and you're "scary skinny!" God forbid you get caught cheating. And then there are celebrities' looks -- constantly parsed, studied, and analyzed. If you manage to look incredibly young for your age, like, say, Demi Moore, then you must have had oodles of work done. If you don't look 10 years younger than your age, then woe to you!

One of the top sex symbols of the 1990s, Pamela Anderson, is now 45. And some recent published photos of her have brought out the haters. "Holy cow, she's gotten old!!!" exclaimed one reader. Some others chimed in with, "A little Botox on the forehead is needed," and "She's looking rough."

Here are 10 reasons Pam might look "older" than her age.


Airbushing. At 45, it's natural that Pam would have some lines on her face. But the public is so accustomed to seeing celebrities airbrushed into a blank canvas that anyone caught on film without the aid of digital line-deleting looks "old."

Botox (lack of). Some celebs, like Nicole Kidman and Kathy Griffin, have taken Botox, fillers, and other face work to the extreme. This has now become the new "normal." Shouldn't we applaud a celeb like Pam who might not be all hopped up on Botulism?

The sun. Pam spent many years in the hot sun filming Baywatch. No doubt she used SPF, but no amount of SPF is going to block all rays.

Partying. Pam has been known to love a party. Drinking and a lack of a good night's sleep can definitely take its toll. She's also been caught by paps smoking -- another thing that can ruin the skin.

Tommy Lee. Pam was only married to the Motley Crue drummer for three years, but that'd be enough to age anyone.

Makeup. Pam wears a lot of makeup, and past a certain age, that can really make you look older rather than younger.

Tired. Pam might be stressed from all of that dancing on Dancing With the Stars.

Lighting. No one looks good if the light hits you wrong, and that could be the case with these particular photos.

Hepatitis C. Pam has been open about her battle with hep C. I don't think there's any proof that hep C might make you look older, but there was a time that Pam proclaimed she only had 10-15 years left to live. (She's changed her mind about that.)

Demi Moore, Stephanie Seymour, Jennifer Aniston, Elle Macpherson, Sharon Stone, Cindy Crawford, and Julia Roberts. These women defy the aging process and unwittingly make most other women over 40 look dowdy in comparison.

Do you think Pam looks older than her age?


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