‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans' Glamorous Makeover Is Just in Time for Baby #2

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jenelle evansTeen Mom Jenelle Evans was "feeling and looking gorgeous" the other day, and decided to share her light with the world. The newlywed tweeted a few photos of herself looking very glam with her new, darker hair and makeup. It appears that Jenelle dyed her 'do about four shades darker and got some highlights (or is that just her former blondish hair peeking through?) and her makeup looks great -- very classic and mature ... which is to say, there's no glitter in sight.

In my expert opinion, this is the best Jenelle's ever looked. The dark hair really complements her olive skin tone and light green eyes. Girl's looking good! But -- why the sudden change? 

Welp, perhaps Jenelle decided to dye her hair darker because, allegedly, baby number two is on the way. Her new husband Courtland Rogers, whom she married then three weeks later threatened to divorce, told Star magazine that he and Jenelle are really excited about this so-called "second chance." Is that the baby's name? Second Chance? I digress.

As expecting moms are wont to do, Jenelle's possibly gone darker so that she doesn't have to continue to dye her hair blonde using chemicals that could be potentially dangerous to the unborn baby. Britney Spears went brunette when she was pregnant, too.

Jenelle's not a kid anymore and her new, sophisticated look is very flattering. She looks put together and soft -- it's a welcome change from those extreme roots and bad dye jobs. Hopefully if she's looking good, she's feeling good.

Congrats to Jenelle on the new 'do! And oh yeah, the baby, too.

Do you like Jenelle's new look?


Photo via PBandJenelley 1/Twitter

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WCURi... WCURiverRat

Would someone please just sterilize her already!

Angie... AngieHayes

I agree, sterilize...

nikol... nikolita87

She looks good but she needs to give her baby up for adoption. Totally not fair to her son (doesnt he deserve a second chance as to having a good mother?) and this new baby needs a responsible parent/couple!

Sherryl Lachman Swafford

Oh, I'd LOVE to know what her mother thinks about another baby!!!

Alicia Sivo

i thought a woman was not supposed to dye her hair either color when she is with child?

babyg... babygomez

She is pregnant?! >.<

nonmember avatar shell

Fitting, since she's just as stupid and psycho as Britney. I bet they'd get along great.

Alie Hawkins

you can dye your hair in early pregnancy as long as your in a well venlated area like outside or a huge room with lots of air! Went threw that when i was pregnant, she looks great but lets hope she is responsable adult an parent to both kids maybe she has watched herself on tv an relize how horriable she looks an acts an how bad of a mom she has been. who are you people to tell her to give up her baby?

Dana Gibson

Would love to know what her mother thinks about this!?  She has more growing up to do ..Kid equals resposibility and she doesn't even have Jace back yet!

Iris Marie Alvarado

They can dye their hair in a healthy way. Their are dyes out there for that. as for being a mom i don't think she should give it up. It could be a wake up call. I'm sure things will hopefully change for her if he she isn't or is not prego. ttc

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