Women Look Their Ugliest & Oldest on Wednesdays, New Study Shows

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Old ugly womenDid you feel it yesterday? Your skin shriveling into Shar-Pei wrinkles, your eyes bloating with sagginess, your body getting mollywhopped by the delayed aftereffects of a busy weekend? If you did—and I’m pretty sure I did, too—you’re not all by your little lonesome. Apparently Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. is the precise moment when all women look their oldest during the week. 

I didn’t make that up—that’s the revelation of a new study sponsored by St. Tropez. It can take up to 72 hours for the alcohol and sugar from those boozy dranks we down over the weekend to show, and they usually hit roundabouts Wednesday. So does the fatigue from crappy nights of sleep beforehand.

Not only are Wednesdays our roughest-looking days, they’re also our most stressful. Actually, 1 out of every 10 women says it beats all others on the frazzle factor. And with that double whammy, seems like Monday has every right to be back at the beginning of the week doing the nanny boo boo dance. It’s been getting a bad rap for far too long.

But we bounce back quickly from Haggard Wednesdays. The same study also finds that we are more likely to have sex on Thursday, when the intensity of the week wanes a bit and we start to get back in the mood for bumpin’ and grindin’. So za za zoo your hair, push those puppies up, and wait for your little slice of late afternoon delight to fall from whatever corner of romantic happenstance that it usually falls from.

I vaguely remember, but from what I hear, a healthy romp surely paves the way for Feel-good Friday, which is still the favorite day of the week for 60 percent of the ladies who participated in this meticulous piece of science. (No shocker there.)

Bottom line, they devised this little study as part of the launch for their anti-aging products, so the validity is questionable. But just out of curiosity, what day of the week makes you the most bedraggled?

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the4m... the4mutts

Sunday night, knowing all I have ahead for the upcoming week is stressful.

As far as the 72hrs for drinking effects to hit, well, I dont drink. I also dont get stressed over it being 330 on a Wednesday... whats up with that?

Seems quite silly to have bothered doing a study on.


My worst is 7am on Monday. I don't sleep great at night though. But my husband knows this & is wonderful & let's me sleep in on his days off.

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