Julianne Hough’s Wardrobe Malfunction at Golden Globes Party Was All Her Fault (PHOTOS)

julianne hough golden globesOut of all the Golden Globe gowns Sunday night, my favorite was Julianne Hough's tulle frock. But it looks a little hard to dance in, no? So after the big show, the Dancing With the Stars champion changed into a simpler pink gown for the party -- but even that dress couldn't hold up to her moves. Julianne Hough had the craziest wardrobe malfunction!

And what a perfect wardrobe malfunction for her, too. Not that I'd wish one on anyone -- I'm just saying, it's so fitting that Julianne would ruin her Jenny Packham dress this way. This girl can party hard.


Julianne ripped two slits into the skirt, one running up each leg! "Ummm I think I may have danced too hard.... Eeek!!!!" she said when she posted a first photo of the ruined dress. Her "eek" face is hilarious.

julianne hough wardrobe malfunction

But she wasn't sorry. Later she posted another photo of the dress, this time you can see the frayed threads from ripped seams -- and the slits are even higher. "Ummm again... I love to dance regardless of how expensive a dress may be... You can't hold me down!!! :)" Aww, glad she didn't let a pricey dress keep her from having the best time.

julianne hough wardrobe malfunction

Maybe she should have grabbed a knife from a table and just cut the dress shorter! For that matter, I wonder if there was some other Jenny Packham dress that would have been a wee bit more dance-friendly. Eh, doesn't matter. I'm sure Julianne just saw this one and totally fell in love with it. And it sure does make a fun story this way.

Have you ever ripped a dress from dancing in it?


Images via Splash News, Juleshough/Instagram, Juleshough/Instagram

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