Moms Who Wear Pajamas in Public Have Officially Let Themselves Go

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pajamasI won't lie -- as a work-at-home mom, there are at least a couple days a week where I resort to a uniform of yoga pants and a hoodie. I'm not leaving the house, so there's really no sense in wasting a perfectly good outfit if no one's going to see it.

But even if I do manage to squeeze in an exciting trip to the grocery store on one of my yoga pants days -- I don't bother to change, because yoga pants are fairly well accepted as an appropriate wear-anywhere outfit in today's society.

However, there's one piece of clothing in particular I will never be caught dead wearing in public -- and that's pajamas. Sleepwear is called sleepwear for a reason, people -- and it needs to stay in the bedroom where it belongs.

But apparently not everyone is as turned off by sporting pjs outside of the home as I am. Recently, I've noticed more and more moms out and about at the grocery store, pharmacy, post office, pumping gas, you name it -- looking frumpy and disheveled in a pair of brightly patterned flannel pajama bottoms. (Oh, the horror.)

And I don't mean to be Ms. Judgy Pants, really, I don't -- but every time I see a mom wearing pjs in public, I just can't help but wonder what on earth made her totally let herself go like that. Yes, there are days when getting fully dressed is a real drag, and mustering up the motivation to change out of whatever you slept in the night before and put on regular clothes can be next to impossible.

But it's so, so worth it to put in that little bit of extra effort to thrown on clothes, because when you simply roll out of bed and leave the house, you look like you just rolled out of bed and left the house -- and it's just not a pretty sight for anyone.

And the good news is that changing from pjs to regular clothes doesn't have to mean sacrificing comfort. There are plenty of pajama-like clothing options on the market these days for moms who don't want to feel confined and/or have their movement restricted in a pair of jeans, pants, and the like.

Take the few minutes and make the extra effort, moms. You'll feel better about yourself, and everyone you happen to encounter in public will thank you. Trust me.

Are you guilty of wearing pajamas out of the house?


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lovem... lovemyson1224

Wow... You have no idea why someone might be wearing their PJ's in public. You say you don't mean to be Judy but you are being just that. While I agree that it is good to get dressed when you go out there are any number of reasons why one of those as you call them "frumpy" women might be dressed that way.

BPayne09 BPayne09

And yoga pants are called yoga pants cause they belong in yoga class! They need to stay in the gym where they belong! To me there is not much difference in wearing pajama pants or yoga pants in public.

nonmember avatar Preggers

I'm guilty; I admit it and I don't feel ashamed. You are kind of judging. I'm pregnant with horrific morning sickness-month 4- and my pjs are the only pants I own (maternity pants included) that don't press on my stomach and make it worse. So be glad I at least change into fresh ones when I get up in the morning.

CPN322 CPN322

Yes, when I'm sick. It's crazy to me that it never occured to you that maybe those moms you saw out in pjs were sick or coming down with something or had a new baby at home or or or.

smtxc... smtxcowgirl

I completely agree!  Whatever happened to women who took pride in themselves and how they present themselves to the world?  I always try to make myself look presentable when I'm in public.  I'm not too sure when it changed, but somewhere along the line, women stopped caring about how they look.  There used to be a day when women would go shopping in a dress and heels.  I''m not saying bring that back, but women really should make an effort with how they present themselves in public if they're not sick.  


@ lovemyson, true, there are reasons why a woman might be dressed in her pajamas, especially if she's just popping in and out of the pharmacy and/or grocery store to get a few things because she or her kids are sick, but if she's doing a whole shopping trip in her pajamas, that's just lazy.  It's really not that hard to put on a pair of jeans, a tshirt or whatever you prefer and run a brush through your hair.  

handy... handy0318

@BPayne09... YES!!! I'd almost rather see some baggy jamma pants than those ridicoulous yoga pants that define the butt crack for all to see.

I've never left the house in pyjammas nor will I allow my kids to.  Clothing isn't really all that hard to get into. I can sort of see it if someone is sick or whatever, but I see way too many women wandering around stores and whatever looking like slobs. 

Vegeta Vegeta

Dude I'm not dressing up to go pump gas or grab some milk from the store. I don't care what judgemental Stepford wives think.

nonmember avatar eyeroll

Really? Cause this hasn't been talked over again and again and again. Fine, you don't like it, you think they've let themselves go. They think they don't give a flying frick what you think and they'll wear what they want to wear. In the end what you think doesn't matter, people will continue to wear them out if you like it or not. Go ahead and look down on people all you want, all it proves is you're not the kind of person anyone wants to know anyway.

nonmember avatar Kelly

The great thing about America: you can wear whatever you want when you pop into a gas station for 15 seconds. Nobody cares if your eyeballs are offended. Nobody needs to put on a pair of jeans to impress you. If you don't like what you're seeing, look at something else, such as a mirror, so you can stare emptily at yourself while you pretend to be better than other people!

nonmember avatar Kelly

@smtxcowgirl: some people think taking pictures of yourself in the bathroom in "sexy" outfits and using them as profile pics is tacky. Are you planning to change your photo to appease those people's eyeballs anytime soon?

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