Taylor Swift's Wardrobe Malfunction Almost Exposed Her Golden Globes


taylor swiftAnother day, another celebrity wardrobe malfunction. This time, Taylor Swift (code name: T-Swift; code name: Swifty; code name: Giggles) is in the hot seat. The crime? Letting her strapless, nude bra make a special guest appearance at the Golden Globes on Sunday. The nerve! The scandal! Off with her stylist's head!

In all seriousness, on the wardrobe malfunction Richter scale, this incident registers in at about a two, but still, just saying, this could have been prevented. Unless of course this was a devious, highly-calculated maneuver to win back Harry Styles. Dudes love a bulky nude bra, don't they?

Never ones to miss a single celebrity photo that's been taken on this Earth, The Daily Mail has an excellent picture of Swfit's wardrobe malfunction from the red carpet this weekend. Career-ending? Hardly. But it brings up a discussion-worthy(ish) topic: Bras. Do small-breasted women really need to wear them all the time?

I'm of the mind that no, we don't. (Note: I'm also perfectly fine with the small boobs look. If you're a gal who likes a little extra padding in the chestical area, you can skip this post.) Confession: I actually kind of hate bras. I mean, I wear them most of the time when in public, but sometimes, you get a shirt or a dress where you can forgo. And forgo I do.

It isn't just a comfort issue -- although I think we're all in agreement (for the first time ever?) that no bra is more comfortable than bra. It's a style choice. Personally, I think a spaghetti strap dress looks best with no bra straps showing and no bulky cups protruding through. 

Taylor looked phenomenal at the Golden Globes, and this is one of the most mild wardrobe malfunctions ever (made you look!). But, technically-speaking, she didn't need a bra on under her dress. If she wanted to add some curves, she could have just had pads sewn into the lining. She's a celebrity; I'm sure there was someone dying to do that for her.

Just solving all the world's problems one day at a time over here. No need to thank me.

Do you always wear a bra?


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MrsYo... MrsYoung1287

That isn't even close to a wardrobe malfunction, are you serious??? You see more bra on the women at walmart than you do her.Just leave the girl alone, you guys keep writing these articles out of nothing. Maybe guys should start thinking of a career change. Just sayin...........

jaznrich jaznrich

And if she hadn't had the cups on, everyone would be talking about how they saw her nipples all night. It's a lose-lose for her isn't it?

nonmember avatar rollingmyeyes

Ummm actually no bra is not more comfortable. Some women actually like to feel more secure, not jiggling with every step. Bras are not uncomfortable if you're wearing the right size.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

not a malfunction just a perverted photographer is all.

Mary Joan Florence

Dress tape (2-sided sticky stuff) or a better fit could have solved her problem.  No nip, no cup.

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