5 Super Comfy 'Pajama-Clothes' Moms Won't Be Embarrassed to Wear in Public

yoga sweatsI had an a-ha moment yesterday while I was folding my laundry and realized that literally every article of clothing could be categorized in the "pajama" category: I never get dressed.

I work out of my house two days a week, and yes, those days I put on "real clothes", but the other three? It's a sweatpants bonanza. And I'm not proud of it. In fact, I feel like a dirtbag. It's just, I'm of the mind that if I don't really have to get dressed, why bother?

This all started when I became a mom -- okay, fine, it didn't, but can't you use being a mom as an excuse for anything? Look, I don't want to be this way, but I don't see myself becoming a "get up and get dressed" kind of person. However, I want to make a small effort. So I'm going to transition from "pajamas" to "lounge-wear".

If you don't get gussied up each day, here are 5 really cool, comfy pieces of clothing you can wear in public and not look like you just woke up or are going to yoga.

Image via Everything But Water

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nonmember avatar NoWay

$79 for a freakin' T SHIRT???? You have to be insane! (And it does look like something I would only wear in the house)

cassi... cassie_kellison

How hard is it to put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt? I would NEVER pay $79 for a shirt, the only time I bought a pair of $100 pants was because they were on sale for $50 and those super expensive pants got a hole in them. Never had my $30 pair do that.

rhps2000 rhps2000

Those first pants were hideous. :S I never get dressed up either, but none of these clothes struck my fancy. And the prices ... Yee-ouch! Bloggers must make a lot of money. Anyway, I mostly stick to capris and tees with flats.

early... earlybird11

Those prices are insane. Kohls has some amazing yoga pants that flare for like 20 bucks and I usually grab q couple when they r 50% off at 10 bucks. Currently wearing them with a nice blouse and heels at work. Perfect

Mamab... MamabearC

I would only pay thrift store prices for any of those outfits/items and then I would ONLY wear them at home while cleaning,working out or as pajamas.Look, I don't expect everyone to get all gussied up every time they leave the house;I know how hard it is being a mommy so I don't judge others when they go out into public wearing "comfy"/"house clothes"...but for ME, who is already slightly chubby and getting closer to 40 and all the WONDERFUL things that comes with age, I feel better when I get dressed(nothing fancy of course but at least jeans and a nice t-shirt), put on make up and do my hair. It makes me feel put together,confident and not like a frumpy housewife that has no respect for herself...but again, those are just MY insecurities and how I deal with them(.and I'm so glad it doesn't make my daughters think that THEY have to wear makeup,which I love.) Basically, I don't care WHAT you wear,( as long as you're not dressed like a hooker,)lol and I won't think badly of you...but my opinion is that I don't consider the items pictured as "leaving the house" clothes.

Doomy234 Doomy234

I can see why those first pants were called Walk of Shame. They were ugly. The rest looked fine, though I wouldnt pay most of those prices.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Your cover photo- if I had that body I could pull anything off any time of day too. Add 20 years and 50lbs and see if you think that's still acceptable...

curly... curlygirl31

Almost everything was way too expensive and ugly. I could find better and cheaper at Walmart.

nonmember avatar Liz G

Nope, sorry - I still would be embarrassed to wear every single item in this list, except possibly the cardigan.

JCHsq... JCHsquared

Those were terrible choices. Expensive and ugly!

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