The Stir Writers Get Sexy Hair Makeovers: See the Before & After! (PHOTOS)

Stefanie Before
Stefanie's 'Before' photo
When it comes to your day-to-day hair routine, a lot of us get stuck in a rut. We find a style that's relatively easy and stick with it because, hey, it works and, generally, doesn't take a lot of time. Which is exactly why it can be hard to break the mold, especially when you're a busy Stir staffer.

A few of the girls here had the opportunity to try something new with the help of Flavio from Mode A Salon. With a few simple waves of a hair dryer, some careful precision, and spritzes here and there, the ladies were feeling more glam then ever.

The best part? We learned ALL about how to get salon-style results like these right at home. Check out these fantastic Stir staffer makeovers and read all about creating your own salon-ready look, here:


First off, let's take a look at our beautiful team. Kicking things off, our editorial marketing manager Stefanie. You saw her before above, now here's her after:

Stefanie after

Our copy chief Jill before:

Jill Before


Jill After

Our editor Ericka before:

Ericka before


Ericka After

So now the big question: How can you and I do this kind of glam treatment at home? According to Flavio, it's simple, and the secret to a great blow-out is building a foundation and using the right tools and brushes. The tools in his arsenal: A paddle brush to comb your hair, a round mid-size brush to bounce and curl the hair while using a hair dryer, and Velcro rollers.

Now, the how-to. Start in the front, take a small amount hair at a time, and start drying. When you’re done, use Velcro rollers to secure hair in place. Move along to the sides, blow dry and secure hair with rollers as you did in the first section. Finally end with the back of the head, repeating the steps from the previous sections. The more time you allow the hair to sit in the curlers, the better your chances are of holding the hairstyle from day to night.

Once you're all done, spray a light hairspray all over and let dry for few seconds before taking the Velcro rollers out. With that, you're done and ready to take on the day with salon-style results!

Stir Staffers

Can you ever replicate salon style results on your own? Do you have your own tips and tricks?


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