'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Reveals Where She Shops: Are You Surprised?

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Maci BookoutThere's definitely a fine line between dressing appropriately as a mom and falling into the trap of being frumpy and way too old for your age, and obviously, Teen Mom star Maci Bookout has managed to figure out the perfect balance.

Since she's a young mom, she'd look strange if she stepped out in mom jeans and bulky sweaters, but she'd look equally as out of place if she went for more revealing looks that no woman with a child should think about trying to pull off.

Maci shared her favorite places to shop by dropping a couple store names on Twitter, and her choice of retailers probably won't surprise anyone.

Yep, you guessed it. Twenty-one-year old Maci shops at (where else?) Forever 21, and also Urban Outfitters. (Neither of which my 35-year-old self has ever set foot in.)

And I'm guessing not too many moms shop at those two places, well, because most of us are well over the age of 21, so we'd look ridiculous if we stepped out in outfits that make us look like we're trying too hard. But since Maci is still so young, wearing trendy clothing totally makes sense -- and it works for her.

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Regardless of our respective ages, all of us can learn a lesson from Maci's style. If we choose clothes that fit our current age bracket and lifestyle instead of trying to dress too far out of our comfort zone, we'll come off looking a lot more fashionable -- not to mention a lot less desperate.

C'mon, just go ahead and admit it already. When you see a 30- or 40-something mom dressed in colored skinny jeans and a skin-tight top, you think she's trying a little bit too hard and thoughts like, "What is she trying to prove?" go through your mind, right?

(It's ok. I won't tell anyone.)

Do you think Maci dresses appropriately for her age? And do you shy away from dressing too young or too old?


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nonmember avatar Samantha

It's called "Forever 21"...meaning no matter how old you are, you can always be 21.

I am 30 and single and I like both of those stores. & I am a size 10!
I don't constantly shop there, but they do have some cute tops and skirts that can be mixed and matched with items that are already in my closet.
Moms can be trendy and cute, so yes, I don't see why they can't shop at these stores.
I don't think having tight clothes with body items falling out looks good on anyone. Moms or not.

Angie... AngieHayes

I like Free People and some boutiqes around the area.

Kimberly Carlisle

I'm inching on my mid 30s, but I'm only 4'10" and fluctuate between 78-86lbs (I'm currently pregnant so of course that's not what I weigh at the moment). Forever 21 is one of the very very few places that sells clothes that come close to fitting me since I'm a 00/000. A 00 at most stores that carry them (Gap, Old Navy, every department store ever) is actually a size 1. I feel bad enough when I have to go shopping for clothes, the last thing I need is someone making me feel bad on top of it. In short, people should really mind their own business when it comes to the way someone is dressed.  

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