Actress' Sexy Wardrobe Malfunction Turned a Sweet Dress Naughty (VIDEO)

ellen pompeoI missed a good chunk (read: most) of the People's Choice Awards last night. Partly because I was busy pinning things to Pinterest/watching a TiVoed episode of Million Dollar Decorators, partly because I don't really care about this particular celeb love fest. However, I'd be lying if I said I didn't google "People's Choice Awards" first thing this morning just to find out what all the lovely ladies wore. Guilty! And I was floored when I saw Ellen Pompeo in that absolutely stunning off-white Lanvin gown with the black belt. It's everything. Chic. Classy. Different from what everyone else always wears on the red carpet. But then as I delved a wee bit further into my googling, I saw that Ellen Pompeo flashed her crotch in this gorgeous dress, turning her look from chic to kind naughty. Awks.


As Ellen sauntered up the steps on her way to accept her award for Favorite TV Drama Actress for Grey's Anatomy, her dress parted in the middle as the red sea once did and, yep, showed betwixt her legs. Perez Hilton is suggesting that Pompeo was underwear-less during this unfortunate mishap, but I didn't see any vag in the clip. Just crotch. Check it out for yourself. 

What do you think? Actual vag or just panties? Seems like the latter to me. But regardless of what happened, it's probably pretty embarrassing for Pompeo, who doesn't really seem like the kind of person to "accidentally" have a wardrobe malfunction in order to garner some press. That said, though, maybe this'll be a lesson: Ladies, when you're wearing a dress that has a slit up the middle, don't hold both parts outward when you're walking up the stairs. The more you know!

What do you think of Ellen's wardrobe malfunction?


Image via Splash

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