Taylor Swift Steals People's Choice Awards Show by Baring Way More Than Ever Before

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taylor swift people's choice awards 2013While there were many winners at the 2013 People's Choice Awards tonight, Taylor Swift -- fresh from her breakup with One Direction's Harry Styles -- is getting the most buzz by far. Not for the award she won (favorite country artist, snore!) or for getting "Kanye"-ed again by presenter Olivia Munn ... And not for a performance of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" set to a montage of her short-lived romance with Harry -- haha, just kidding! Though, that would have been entertaining. No, she got tongues wagging by walking the red carpet looking her age! ZOMG, you guys, I think we just witnessed the debut of all-growed-up, sophisticated, sexy Taylor!

Just judging from the guys she's dated (John Mayer?!), I've always suspected Swifty's actually "not that innocent" behind closed doors, but tonight, we got concrete proof. In the form of this body-hugging, plunging neckline Ralph Lauren gown. Her album Red may be on fire, but at the PCAs, she was white hot.

Seriously, the dress, the dress! Reminded me of when Carrie wore the naked dress on her first date with Big. Okay, maybe not exactly, but what a seriously naked dress by Taylor Swift standards! Up 'til now, all we've ever seen her in is modest dress after sweet 'n' frilly dress after baby pink princess-y dress, all of which looked like they'd be right at home in a 13-year-old's closet.

But the sophisticated, super-sexy RL creation was a game-changer if I've ever seen one. Because now that Tay's clearly owning her adulthood, maybe we can actually look at her and think of a sophisticated, successful woman instead of, well, petulant girl who is always crying and whining and giggling but then whining again "singing" about how she's perpetually losing a guy in 10(-ish, give or take) days. 

It's okay, though. She may be a repeat loser in love who's never ever be getting back together with any of the MANY famous men she's dated ... But at least, tonight, she finally put on her big girl couture and started acting 23! And that is what I'd call fashion FTW.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift's show-stopping People's Choice Awards dress? Do you agree it "aged" her in a much-needed way?

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Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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Zoeberry Zoeberry

Whomever did her eye makeup should be fired.


What is it with you people at The Stir and Taylor. Give it a rest!

Alexa... AlexaAdams

I love the dress!

Karma... KarmaGrant

Somehow a dress confirms you thinking she's "not that innocent behind closed doors"..wtf? And All growed up?! Lame.

nonmember avatar Gretta

Having your boob hanging out = all growed up?


I think she looked gorgeous...as always. Not sure why people always have to bash on her.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

She looks stunning.

nonmember avatar countrygirl

Having your boobs hanging out doesn't make you grown up. Someone grown up wouldn't want to be flashing them everywhere to grab attention. I'm seriously disappointed in her. I really thought she was above that and wanted to be the good role model she claimed. She's not even smiling for the picture. She looks kind of bitchy, even. Being innocent and sweet is grown up. Being a slut is not. Just no one realizes that, not even Taylor Swift, I guess. Besides, she hasn't worn frilly dresses in a while. They were grown up. Not booby hangers.

nonmember avatar Amber McConnell

People bash on Taylor Swift recently because she has been chasing 18 year old boys. In general you could bash on her because she writes insipid, boring, worthless bubble gum pop that takes airtime and opportunity away from better, more talented musicians as her record company continues to shove her down our throats. Take your pic.

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