‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska Wants to Help You Do Your Hair & Makeup! (VIDEO)

chelsea houskaTeen Mom Chelsea Houska may make terrible decisions when it comes to matters of the heart, but when it comes to matters of the hair? She's a regular Albert Einstein, er, Vidal Sassoon. We've seen the mom of one make a lot of changes to her look over the seasons -- from brown hair to blonde to black to feathers and back -- her appearance seemed to evolve by the day. And now, she wants to help us do our hair and makeup, too!

Chelsea and her best friend Landon have launched a beauty vlog on which they aim to answer all our questions about all things beauteous. She and Landon uploaded their first video to YouTube and announced the launch of their joint venture, explaining that they want to post a vid every week, and only said about a thousand times that they need suggestions for content.

Ask and you shall receive, mis amigos. I'd like to know how Chelsea's hair texture looks to be so smooth and healthy. After all her dye jobs, it can't be easy to get soft locks -- what does she use to achieve her creamy curls?

Also? Sort of wondering if she has any amazing hair and makeup shortcuts. Since she's got a toddler at home, I'm sure finding a moment's peace in the mirror is hard to come by ... how does she cut corners?

Ooh, and talk to me about those hair feathers. Does she think their time on Earth has come to an end, or does she see them being an enduring trend?

The intro to her beauty vlog was uploaded three days ago, so keep an eye out for the first real video coming soon.

Do you think Chelsea will give good hair and makeup advice?

Photo via chelseahouska/YouTube

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jalaz77 jalaz77

OMG no freaking way. Someone needs to teach her how. Her hair was ALWAYS in her eyes, her part didn't suit her, her eyes were caked with makeup...I always thought she could be so pretty if she laid off products including tanning. She is SOOOO overdone!!


I like her hair and make up...so this makes me happy :)

nonmember avatar Janet

Her hair and make up constantly looks a wreck. I guess it's trailor-chic, but for the rest of us it looks trashy. No sophistication to her look at all. She's the mid western Snooki. If someone can teach her how to fix her hair and make up she'd look great. Chelsea is a pretty girl.

luv2b... luv2bmommyx2

I would never take beauty tips from her... Does anyone know if she's finished the beauty school she's been wanting to attend for the past 16 seasons of teen mom?

nonmember avatar jenna

Isn't it obvious? Landon is the only one out of the two that knows anything about cosmetology. From seeing landon in the show briefly he has either graduated or is almost done with school while chelsea knows next to nothing on the topic . Bravo Landon for having Chelsea launch your career with her teen mom fame!

crzyc... crzycatlove

I might consider this if I ever decided I want my face to be 10x more orange than the rest of my body...but that's unlikely.

nonmember avatar Yeah, no

Lol I would never let her touch my hair or face. Her hair is so fried and constantly looks a mess. Her make up is caked on and is three shades too dark. Can someone teach her to look natural? Comparing her to Snooki is almost offensive for Snooki. At least Snooki's hair looks put together, even if it is outrageous.

nonmember avatar NOt yours

Like some of her hair styles but not all in you people are stuiped at least she aint out getting plastic surgry like half them or on drugs n jail.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Chelsea, I would love to see your morning routine. Is your hair natural or do u have a body wave. You are georgous.

mybab... mybabybugssmile

Good god no. I dont want crayola makeup and trashy hair.

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