Confessions of a Curvy Mom: I Hate Blouse Shopping

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busty womanThere are certainly some obvious perks to having an ample rack; namely, it creates an awesome hourglass shape. But there is one, ahem, big downside. Being busty is a pain when it comes to blouse shopping. Anyone C-cup and above must know what I mean.

I can almost never find a cute button-up that actually buttons up without gaping. It literally looks like I am busting out of the thing -- which I guess ... I am! It's maddening. It's especially annoying when I am shopping for work clothes. Mind you, I don't have a typical corporate job. Yes, I do go into an office, but it's fairly casual. Still, I like those button-up blouses that are slim-fitting at the waist. They are elegant yet comfortable and look awesome with jeans and a blazer. Problem is, if I want one that fits across the chest, I have to buy one that is huge everywhere else, which ends up making me look beefy, bulbous, or rotund. 

I have tried all sorts of trick to fix the problem. Minimizers don't minimize enough. Body shapers for the upper body work well if they are super restrictive, but who wants to be uncomfortably bound all day. I can always slip a tank top underneath and wear the shirt half unbuttoned -- but that's just not the look I was going for.

The final solution? Sadly, there isn't one. I have yet to find a cute, slim-fitting button-up. Oh well. As far as fashion tragedies go, this is nowhere near the worst. Don't get me started on wide-leg jeans. Ugh. But I am still hoping to find a cute, stylish line of these shirts for us curvy girls.

Do you have this problem?


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momma... mommadana

There's a cure for this.  Find a blouse that fits your bust and take to a local alterations place and they can bring it in to fit your waist and everywhere else.  You might call for a quote before going out spending for a new shirt.  I have G's and I know exactly how you feel. 

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

What the pp said. I'm an F cup. It's the only way to get the look

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Getting pregnant worked for me. Maternity clothes assume big boobs but mine didn't grow at all with my son and they've actually shrunk quite a bit with this pregnancy so button down maternity shirts work.

Blues... Blueshark77

Right there with you. With my large chest and broad shoulders I feel like I'm about to rip my shirt like the Incredible Hulk if I flex. If I buy it big enough to go over my chest and shoulders it is like a tent everywhere else, so I usually fit it to my waist and wear it halfway unbuttoned with a tank. If I knew of an affordable tailor to get it altered I would, but really I can't afford to have all my shirt tailored. 

Foley... Foleygirl24

Double sided tape works to keep the gaps closed! I use it all the time (I'm a DD) and it works like a charm!

nonmember avatar Michelle

OH! This was written for me... How about the next one on buying bras for those of us well endowed? I went on a rant about those not very long ago!

MamaS... MamaSnaps

How about bra shopping? That is even worse. At least with blouses you can learn to sew and take them in a bit... try re-fitting an ill fitting bra! I wear a 36F and I either get torpedo tits, UNI-boob or the girls get shoved into my arm pits while the front is bursting out to look like 4 instead of 2.

Blues... Blueshark77

Yeah, finding bras is a just as much a pain as finding a woven shirt that fits. Big boobs do not get cute bras.

jkp-buff jkp-buff

MamaSnaps, I read your rant, and I feel your pain. I'm a 32H naturally, size 6, and it's impossible to find anything small enough around that can still support my chest. I also wondered why this should be so difficult with so many women getting implants. That's when the lingerie lady who was fitting me said that women with implants don't need bras, since they stand up by themselves without support. Thus, the market for women with small ribcages and naturally large boobs is not a very big market which is why it's so hard to find bras that fit.

MamaS... MamaSnaps

Well, hell! That sucks! You'd think they'd want to wear a bra anyway so that down the line they're not all saggy!


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