Honey Boo Boo's Mom June Thinks She's Marilyn Monroe (VIDEO)

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Fans got quite a fright on the Honey Boo Boo Halloween special that aired this week. Since dyeing her scraggly gray locks, Alana's mama June Shannon fancies herself a "blonde bombshell" and dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for the holiday. You read that correctly. Not Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Monroe. But that's not even the craziest part of this whole story.

The "smexy" getup was all Sugar Bear's idea. "Her new blonde hair gave me a great idea so I ordered a costume for June," he admitted. While some might think Cousin It or Chewbacca might have been a better choice, he is over the moon about her look. And to be honest, that's actually nice to see with so many other tragic reality TV couples. "Hubba hubba," he moans. "When June came out as Marilyn Monroe, I instantly became Horny Bear." While your first reaction may be "EWWWWWWWWWWW," how cool is it that Sugar Bear loves his big woman?

That said, it was a weird, uncomfortable moment for everyone except him. He was excited. Her kids, not so much. "She looked like a Neapolitan ice cream," says daughter Chickadee. "Some part was pink, some part was chocolate, some parts were vanilla. She looked raunchy. I didn't want to eat that ice cream." I am not even sure what that means, but I am pretty sure I agree. Take a look for yourself!

What do you think would have been a better costume choice for Mama June?

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rayra... rayraycoops

You sounds like an asshole. They're a great family and she's having fun. You must think you're perfect to write such a shitty piece like this.

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

I'd say rayraycoops! Cousin it or chewbacca?? How rude is that!

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

I'd say rayraycoops! Cousin it or chewbacca?? How rude is that!

2baby... 2babymomma

I agree with rayraycoops. This piece was very rude just because you might not think she is gorgeous doesn't mean she isn't to someone else. I think it was just something fun to do no big deal

happy... happyhappyPAmom

Mama June is a white-trashy big fat happy unconventional mother of children who love her and a husband who thinks shes sexy just the way she is. Why can't we support our fellow sister instead of hating on her for making lemonade out of lemons??

nonmember avatar handy

I never watch the show, but I did read this piece...and, if her husband thinks she looks beautiful and sexy...how great is that!!! Don't we all want a man who thinks we're gorgeous and hot even if we don't look like Marilyn?

nonmember avatar wemayneverknow

What is WRONG with all you commenters so far??? What the hell is it about this "show" or these people that people like or even WANT to see?? Why are these people famous? Red bull and Mt. Dew for your child? Butter and ketchup as spaghetti sauce? Yeah, that's healthy! I hope she doesn't wonder why she's a whale! And as far as why Alana has never won a pageant? Because she's fat and ugly!! This woman has NO business in a Marilyn Monroe dress. And everyone needs to quit all this "Let's not be rude to people. Let's accept everyone as their disgusting selves and love them for it." No! That's what's wrong with America! That's why other countries want America dead! Stop sugar coating everything and telling everyone its ok to be a fat, disgusting piece of white trash and start helping people fix the problem. If someone fell into a pile of pig shit would you tell them "Oh its ok sweetie, you still look and smell great! Accept the pig shit for its beauty!" Or would you help them find a shower and a change of clothes? Stop letting America walk around covered in pig shit people.

nonmember avatar N

Ouch Wenayneverknow... So angry. That's the awesome thing about America, she's allowed to be however she wants, and people are within their rights to support her. And you're perfectly entitled to you opinion however judgmental and nasty those comments are. I think it's amazing that her husband finds her attractive how many conventionally beautiful women can't say the same?


What a bitchy blogger you are! OMG!Scraggly grey hair,fancies herself a bombshell,what a fright. Oh he loves his big woman. Earlier I was reading about how could Tiger cheat on Elin now it seems shocking that a man loves his woman with all her curves. Do you have body dismorphic issues or are you 16? You were quite mean and rude.

Scary... ScarySherry2

Yeah, I'd also like to understand why these people are famous. Or the Kardashians, or the teen moms, or the Jersey Shore idiots. Why do people watch this shit?

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