'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry's New Job Is Perfect for a Stylin' SAHM Like Her

kailyn lowryTeen Mom Kailyn Lowry has done more in 2013 than I did in all of 2012. The 21-year-old mama has been fielding questions about her secret wedding all while taking care of a toddler, promoting a flameless candle line, getting tattoos (girl's gotta do something for herself, you know?), and now, it turns out, Kailyn has landed yet another job to keep her busy. She just started working for Origami Owl, an online jewelry company that lets customers design their own baubles. 

This stay-at-home-mom is really sahmthing else. See what I did there? Good times.

She's certainly one motivated lady. I'm sure she's got her Teen Mom nest egg to rely on (I hear MTV pays pretty well), but she's still into earning dolla dolla bills while working from home.

And it sounds like this Origami Owl gig is a perfect fit for her lifestyle. When Isaac's down for a nap or is taken out by a friend or family member, Kailyn can take a few hours and use her MTVlebrity status to sell some really cute jewelry all without leaving the house.

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Plus, Kailyn's always had an eye for accessories. It's rare to see her without some fab earrings or a fashionable headband ... hopefully her passion for adornments will pay off as she recruits customers and fellow designers to visit Origami Owl.

New man? New job? New jewelry? 2013 is totally a year of new beginnings for our Kailyn. Congrats!

What's the best job you've had as a SAHM?


Photo via kaillowry/Instagram

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nonmember avatar madef66

I love Kail, but I do not understand why you're calling her a SAHM. She's a very hard working mom...she's always worked outside of the home.

Mamab... MamabearC

Being a SAHM has been the best job as a SAHM!!(but that's me). High fives to ALL moms, whether they work in or out of the home(or both). We all deserve kudos for doing what we think is best for our family,which isn't always easy.

Sierr... SierraLynn

I thought she was a dental assistant?

nonmember avatar Hailey

Actually, Origami Owl is a lot of work. How do I know? My mom works for them. It takes a lot of work to plan parties, you can't just "sell them offline." To actually benefit from the job, you have to work at it. Yes, her fame may help her, but it also takes time and energy. So good for her for working. If she was just sitting at home doing nothing, you'd be writing about her too. At least she isn't like the many teen moms out there sitting on her ass. Good for her!

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