Good God Elin Nordegren Looks Hot in a Bikini -- Tiger, You're Insane!

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elin nordegren
Elin Nordgren: Not "the" bikini pic, tho
There are no words. Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods' ex who he idiotically cheated on, was photographed in a sexy lingerie-looking bikini recently while frolicking on a beach in the Bahamas. All I can say is: Good god this mom of two is hot. Actually, that's not all I can say. I'd like to add this addendum: Tiger, are you insane for cheating on this fine specimen?! It really doesn't get much more stunning than this!

I mean, Elin was born gorgeous, and she's balls-to-the-wall rich, which always helps people be their most attractive, but this is on another level. When I came across this photo of Elin in a sexy black swimsuit during my Internet travels this morning, I was literally stopped in my tracks. I didn't realize it was her at first. I thought it might have been some 18-year-old British reality star I'd never heard of or something. But when I realized it was 33-year-old mom Nordegren, I was floored. I mean, I always knew she was a beautiful woman, but perhaps I forgot 'cause girlfriend's been laying low. And perhaps her body is even more impressive to me now that I have a kid of my own.

Tiger, you crazy, dude. To risk losing a smokin' hot Swedish import like this has to have been the dumbest move of your life. Of anyone's life. Serves you right to have to stare at sexy photos of your ex, reminding you of what you lost.

How hot is Elin?


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happy... happymama2D

yep .... she is gorgeous! I also absolutely love her bikini in the picture above!

Mamab... MamabearC

Yes, she's hot. That being said and keeping in mind I am NOT excusing his behavior (or cheating WHATSOEVER), just because she is "hot" doesn't mean she's a wonderful person or a good spouse. I'm also NOT saying that this is the case with her. I'm just saying let's not make an assumption that good looks ='s good spouse...

Mamab... MamabearC

To add to that point, No one should stay married to someone JUST BECAUSE they are hot...if you're unhappy get out.Don't cheat.But get out.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Yeah, because looking hot in a bikini = great relationship.

jena32 jena32

Absolutely gorgeous and Tiger never deserved her anyway!!!

zandh... zandhmom2

Yes,she is beautiful. On another note, being beautiful is not enough to keep a person from cheating if that is what they want to do.  Cheating is more than just about having sex with someone, it's also about the power that comes from thinking you're "getting away" with something that you know you shouldn't be doing.  It's all about the person who is cheating not the person who is being cheated on.

tuffy... tuffymama

She is gorgeous, and that bikini is adorable. I think it's quite clear that Tiger knew he screwed up as soon as she was gone. Jerk. Cheaters suck. Elin should have taken that golf club to his berries, and left the car alone.

Claudel Theman

yeah, tiger never deserve a nanny

Claudel Theman

yeah, tiger never deserve a nanny

Owen Thomas

Speaking as a healthy male, Elin Nordegren has absolutely NOTHING on Tara Lynn, who is beautiful AND looks healthy.

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