Bizarre ‘Melting Tights’ Are Apparently for That ‘Just Peed’ Look (PHOTOS)

melting tightsI'm sort of lenient when it comes to fashion. I have sort of a live and let live kind of vibe in this matter and feel like if people want to wear "out there" kind of things, then they should and shouldn't be made fun of. I'm sure many of my fashion choices have been quite questionable over the years. But you know big hair and neon purple Spandex tucked into white fringe boots were once totally in style. Or maybe the fumes from the Aqua Net was just making me think so. But these melting tights have me a bit perplexed.

There are a number of issues I have with these handmade marvels, but I am thankful they aren't made in red. However, they do come in other "inspiring" colors.


Red would just be too much because no one wants to think of blood coming from the vagina area. I'm not certain anyone wants to think of anything dripping from the vagina area, which is exactly what these tights imply.

Girl on left: Hi! I just peed pink. Must have drank too many pink yogurt smoothies.

Girl on right: My diet consists only of purple Smarties.

melting tights urb

They are made of latex and a thin layer of baby powder. Come on, now. I hope the designers, URB, know baby powder shouldn't be anywhere near our lady bits. Let's also hope it's not the talc version. If anyone is compelled to purchase these -- which go for $50 to $60 -- please, please, please for the love of your vagina do not go commando. A nice cotton barrier is needed.

Refinery 29 felt they were very Nickelodeon-inspired. The green ones do look exactly like they're green slime. The blue ones look like you're birthing Toodee. So I guess green can be Brobee as well.

They also come in neon yellow in case you're more of a Plex fan.

What do you think of these melting tights? Would you wear them?


 Photos via URB

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