Braids Aren't Just for Young, Childless, Fun People

braidsHaving long hair and children presents some unique challenges. There isn't a day that goes by without having little food-filled hands pawing at my hair. Then there are the knots and hair getting zipped up in my coat. That hurts. I once got my hair caught in the zipper of my boot. That hurt and was weird. Sometimes I want my hair to be up and away, which is where the top knot comes in. I could just cut it all off, but that's not my thing, and besides, then I couldn't braid it. I love braids. I even love pigtail braids and not just on my daughter. On me. The mom. Sure, it's a more subdued pigtail, as seen here, but it's hair parted in the middle, braid on both sides.

Of course some think it's silly for a mom of a certain age to wear their hair in such a youthful way. I think those people have just lost their sense of fun.


We all have our opinions on what we like for ourselves, what hairstyle we think looks best on us. And whatever that is, that is what you should be wearing. Ombre hair, even the Kate Gosselin version 1 -- if you like the way you look with that 'do, then rock it. Braids included.

You can hate the braid for yourself, but don't hate on the braid wearer. Even if she's braiding her grays. Perhaps even especially if she's braiding her grays.

I don't think there is an age cut-off when a woman should stop wearing braids. And I mean a side braid, braid down the back, braiding over the crown of your head, a little hint of braid on the side, or even two braids down each side as seen in the photo of me above. You may seem a glimmer of my silver streaks threaded in there. I'm gray and proud. And proudly braiding. I also love the way it looks on other women. Young women. Old women. All women.

Besides generally staying out of the way, free from knots, and harder to get caught in coat (and boot) zippers, keeping your hair braided overnight gives you mermaid waves the next day. Braid it tight. Braid it loose. Braid it all the way to the end or just halfway. Braids are cool. Even for moms.

Do you wear braids? Or do you think the look is too child-like?


Image via Michele Zipp

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