Jane Seymour Wears Sexy Bandage Dress at 61: Is She Too Old? (PHOTO)

jane seymourI don't know what Jane Seymour has been eating, but I'll have what she's having. The 61-year-old former Bond girl was on the red carpet for the premiere of her new movie Freeloaders and absolutely stunned in a skin tight, Herve Leger bondage dress. Stunned.

If there's an age at which women should stop dressing sexily, Jane Seymour is nowhere close -- just look at her! Ms. Seymour's putting the "sex" in sexagenarian.


What makes her outfit a success is that she's showing very little skin. She's able to put her amazing figure on display all while keeping it classy. Also helping? There aren't any girlish bows on the dress, nor glitter, nor thigh-high slits, nor cut-outs, and there isn't any tulle, thank god.

And you know who should be taking note? One Kris Jenner. While she may be five years younger than Jane, she's closing in on 60 and needs to realize that there's a difference between dressing sexy and dressing like you're trying to fit in at a bar mitzvah. Lace, leather, A-line numbers fit with bows and the ilk are not cool.

But, we can't rag on Kris too much. She wore the same dress back in April that Jane was spotted in this week. Not sure why or how she fell off the wagon and went AWOL with some of her other outfits, but at least we know that Kris is capable of looking sexy, chic, and age-appropriate.

As for Jane, though, no one can compare to her. She put motorboating on the map (Wedding Crashers, anyone?), and now she's proving, once again, that age is but a number.

Do you think there's an age when you should tone down the sex appeal of your outfits?


Photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

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