I Wore a Duct Tape Outfit (VIDEO)

Lindsay Ferrier I'll Take That Dare

Duct tape is good for just about anything, from a fixing a leaking pipe to holding up your boobs in a backless dress to ... clothing!

That's right, folks. In the latest episode of "I'll Take That Dare," I partnered with BFFs Leah and Mary from Fabulous on a Budget to create duct tape outfits, which we then wore out to an EXTREMELY fashion conscious location, The Grove, in LA.

How did our radical new fashions go over? Check out the video and see for yourself ... after the jump!


I think our duct tape fashions turned out pretty well, don't you? 

I was surprised they got such positive reactions at The Grove, that's for sure!

One thing we proved is that you really can do just about ANYTHING with duct tape, even create cute, mess-proof clothing!

What are the strangest things you've ever done with duct tape? Dish in the comments!

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