High Heels Make Us Feel Sexy as Hell & Now We Know Why

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There are not a lot of things that can make me feel as instantly sexy as strapping on a pair of heels. It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing -- jeans, a cute skirt, a business suit -- the shoes always take the outfit up a notch and give me that extra bit of confidence in my appearance.

Wearing heels makes me feel like a girl, and I like that feminine feeling. There’s just an extra little swing in my stride when I take a stroll in stilettos. Every step is purposeful, because let’s face it: When you’re walking in heels, there’s always a tiny part in the back of your brain that repeats “don’t trip, don’t trip” continuously.

Now researchers at the University of Portsmouth have revealed that the sexiness of high heels may be evolutionary. Now I have a whole new reason to obsess over shoes … it’s science!

Lead psychologist on the team Paul Morris says, “High heels may exaggerate the sex-specific aspects of the female walk.” The researchers report that high-heeled women “walked in a fashion more characteristic of the female gait … in smaller, more frequent steps … [accompanied by] increased rotation and tilt of the hips.”

Basically, we feel like girls when we wear heels because they make us walk like girls. For the most part, men looking for a female partner will be more naturally drawn to the ones that appear more feminine.

I’d like to add my own hypothesis that men are also drawn to strong, confident women that can rock a killer set of peep-toe wedges. Or platform Mary Jane’s. Or black leather stiletto boots. Or whatever it is she chooses to put on her feet to add a little height and some swagger.

There are many ways a lady can make herself feel a little more attractive, but I’m sticking with my go-to heels. Who am I to argue with science?

Do you wear heels? What other things do you put on to feel pretty?  

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Pinkmani Pinkmani

When I was younger I used to be self-concious about wearing heels because I'm 5'8". But once I got into college, I embraced my height with some sexy 5" pumps!

wamom223 wamom223

This blog made me super duper sad.  I can't wear heels right now because of a foot condition I have, boo hoo!  Of course they think I have all these foot problems from all of those years of clubbing in heels so I guess I can't complain since I brought it on myself.  I know I shouldn't admit this but if I had it all to do over I wouldn't have given up my heels when I was younger and clubbing, I'm only 5'2 and I love how the world looks from the top of a pair of bad ass heels.

nonmember avatar Jessie

I will never understand why so many women are obsessed with something that destroys feet. It boggles my mind.

xiolxuo xiolxuo

Hell no. I have super sensitive, flat feet. Wearing heels is a torture device for me.

lasombrs lasombrs

I dont. I have no grace and have no need to fall on my face. I love my workboots. And if someone doesnt like me for them then I didnt need to meet them anyway

jhslove jhslove

Hells make me feel sexy, but so do other things--a pair of flats with some great skinny jeans and a cute top do the same thing. I think it probably has more to do with the confidence factor than the way it makes us walk. Personally, I know my husband prefers it when I DON'T wear heels, but that's mostly because he hates how bad they are for my feet. If I wear them, it's because I like how I feel in them. That being said, I find that I wear them less often than I used to, just because in my job I'm on my feet a lot and it doesn't make sense to wear heels for that kind of thing. I still do love wearing them, they just don't define whether or not I feel sexy.

jhslove jhslove

I'd also like to add that I think confidence is what men find sexy--that "swagger" that you mention is the way a woman walks when she feels good about herself and it comes from a different place for everyone. For me, I feel confident when I'm in shape and at a healthy weight, and when I'm there I feel confident no matter what I'm wearing. But if I feel overweight and schlumpy, no pair of shoes will change that. That's just me though--for some women, their confidence comes from a totally different source that has nothing to do with their weight or even their appearance. The key, I think, is to find what makes you feel good about yourself and nurture that.

nonmember avatar LizzieBorden

Plus heels make the rump and chest stick out; men like that kind of thing! Lol.

My guy doesn't 'get' heels; he likes when I wear converse, maybe it's because he's an old punk rock dude. Or maybe because in heels I tower over him ;)

Felly... FellyScarlett

I love heels, but I feel Pinkmani pain. Though I'm only 5'6", which isn't that tall, my friends are all between 5' and 5'4" and none of them wear heels, so I feel like I tower above them.

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