Kate Middleton Had 'Work' Done & So Would You if You Were a Princess

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Kate MiddletonYou know how when you first get your hair done, and you happen to be kind of tan, and you had an eyebrow wax recently -- maybe your nails done -- you feel awesome? Like you're ready to take on the world? Well, take those beauty treatments and multiply them by a million and that's what celebrities have -- all the time. So it really is no wonder they look amazing all the time. And despite her fresh-faced, au naturel look, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is no exception. A recent UK Vogue article is spilling all of Kate Middleton's beauty secrets -- as well as some minor work she's had done -- and all I've gotta say is, "Man, those Brits think of everything."

For starters, the article claims that Kate's favorite color to wear is blue. Ooh, the scandal! She also favors McQueen dresses (shocker) and Stuart Weitzman shoes (egads!). But here's where things get a little interesting ... The article also claims that Kate doctors all of her dresses to have the waist sit a few centimeters above her natural waist line, in order to give the illusion of longer legs (isn't Kate like 5'11"?). She also apparently favors mid-length sleeves, so people don't think she's too skinny. And one more noteworthy wardrobe/beauty tip -- the Duchess also cocks all of her hats at a 50-degree angle to highlight her cheekbones. Genius.

And then things get tawdry. A source let it slip that a year before the royal wedding, Kate had her teeth done. Apparently she got invisible braces behind her teeth, as well as whitened them. The braces supposedly allow 8.6 teeth to show every time she smiles. So ... yeah ... Kate Middleton had braces. Call the newspapers.

At the end of the day, I really don't care if Kate had anything done. I'm still obsessed with her. And if I was a highly-photographed princess, you bet your ass I'd alter my dresses and whiten my teeth, too. Kate looks amazing, and even if she did have "work" done, it looks totally natural. So suck on that, haters.

What do you think of this?


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nonmember avatar blue

I think it's pretty obvious that her forehead is completely frozen. BUT, if I was the subject of daily pictures, I can't say I wouldn't!! I mean, who cares? None of us knows what it's like to be under such scrutiny and criticism. Most in her situation, would get much more done!

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Heck, I had braces and I whiten my teeth and I'm not even a princess! I feel like there is a lot of "work" these days is pretty standard among many women.

redK8... redK8blueSt8

Nothing on here is beyond the scope of regular. Magazines always recommend tailoring outfits so they fit you most flattering--most people just don't.

It's not surprising in the least, she is well aware of the media mob-lynching her late mother-in-law went through.

ethan... ethans_momma06

I think I wish I could have the dental work I need done taken care of.

She seems pretty darn normal to me.

nonmember avatar quinn

So what, if I had the means I would do those things for my high school reunion.

nonmember avatar marlio

I don't think I have learned anything about kate, I didn't already know except for having waist of dress positioned above her natural waist which I think is silly.

Freela Freela

If having braces counts as having 'work' done, I had 'work' done when I was 10!


nonmember avatar Karen

Let's talk about those hair pieces!

nonmember avatar Anatomy Cat

Wish I could get my teeth done, I had braces for four years and my teeth still look terrible. My smile is way more "british" than hers. I think she looks great, but pretty tired. Understandable.

nonmember avatar lynne bekkedahl

I can not find enough articles to read aboutKate i would do any thing to meet. Kate and Pippa are beautiful women. Ithought she was okay without any procedures.Best of luck to you and william.

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