You're Probably Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

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brasA couple of weeks ago, I was faced with the dreaded task of finding the perfect strapless bra to go with the bridesmaid dress I was wearing for my best friend's wedding.

Being a small-chested (yet proud) A-cup gal, shopping for bras is no easy feat. Actually, I hate bra shopping. And that's probably why I hadn't done it in at least two years or so, until right before New Year's Eve.

This time, I had no choice, so I ventured into the lingerie store and started combing through the racks myself to find a suitable, extra-padded size 36-A bra that would potentially add a cup size or two and make my "girls" look a little less minuscule as compared to all the other bridesmaids.

I grabbed a couple in my size, headed for the dressing room, and upon entering that area, I was greeted by a peppy little sales girl who looked at me and asked, "Do you need a bra fitting?"

My first instinct was to refuse and tell her I was just fine, but for whatever reason, I gave in and said, "Sure. What the hell."

And I have to admit -- choosing to let her measure me may go down in history as one of the best decisions I've ever made. Yep, you guessed it. I was wearing the wrong bra size.

For years now, I always thought I was a 36-A. But after the sales girl measured me, she informed me that I'm actually a 34-B -- and could possibly pull off a C-cup if I really wanted to. (I looked at her like she was smoking crack when she said that.)

Even after she showed me how she got the measurements and assured me up and down that I'm not as flat-chested as I proclaim to be, I still didn't think I'd be able to fill out a B-cup, let alone a C. But sure enough, the B fit perfectly -- and I can't even tell you how different my boobs look now that I'm wearing the correct size.

They're perky. They're at exactly the right level they're supposed to be. And you know what else? My clothes look a hell of a lot better too, which is an added bonus.

And I just can't believe it took me so long to go in and have myself professionally measured -- because now bra shopping will actually be enjoyable from here on out.

If you think you might be wearing the wrong size, odds are good that you probably are. What the heck are you waiting for? Go and get measured today -- and give your "girls" the respect and boost they deserve.

When was the last time you were fitted for a bra?


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nonmember avatar Dee

I was fitted for the first time after recovering from a breast reduction. Almost 10 years later I still go in every now and then to be sure I'm wearing the correct size.

nonmember avatar Jasmine

This JUST happened to me last week. I was wondering why my bras were not comfortable, went to VSecret's semi-annual sale and none of my size bras fit well. They measured me and I had to go from a B (which I thought I was for my entire adult life) to a C. It was crazy. Now they're so comfortable. You are right, they are perky too :)

mamaj... mamajen82

I have come to realize most woman think they are a cup size smaller than they measure. Either that or bras are vastly different than 15 years ago. To look at me you'd think b or c, but in reality I'm currently a d.

nonmember avatar J

I was measured 2 years ago for my wedding and found out my bra size was the exact one I'd been wearing for quite some time. However, I swear they either measured me wrong or bras of that size are made differently, because they never seem to fit right and I have a terrible time finding proper fitting bras in my size. And Victoria's Secret bras are the worst. So uncomfortable, overpriced, and rarely fit like I want them to.

Trish... Trishintraining

Victoria Secrets vanity sizes. Don't use the size you get there anywhere else. It's like when you go pants shopping and the sales lady tells you that you're a 4 instead of an 8, but in the opposite direction. 

arizo... arizonangel

I do bra fittings for part of my job. I get people who ask to get fitted, and when you tell them the correct size they act like your lieing and continue to wear the wrong size anyways. 80% are in the wrong size!

megle... meglennox

i was just fitted last week for the first time in years.  the last time was well before having our first kid. i had been wearing a 40C.  turns out i'm a 38D.  at first she thought DD and i think my jaw about hit the floor lol :)

teal.... teal.blaze

I have been. Been measured multiple times, and it's different every time. I'm somewhere between a 36 and a 38 (depending on stretchiness of the band), between a DDD and the next cup size up. I was once sized at a 42 D. WTF! The cups were STILL too small, and I was falling out the bottom because the band was SO HUGE!

Mama_... Mama_Dolly

techinclly I learned how to do bra fitting in fashion school. and did in on myself... but the problem is my size is so hard to find. and its not easily fixed by going up a cup size...

ginge... ginger813

I've actually never been fitted for a bra. I wouldn't even know where to go to get that done...

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