Camille Grammer's Cut-Out Bikini Leaves Little to the Imagination

Camille Grammer in bathing suitI love spending the holidays at home in the Northeast, but I'm always a little jealous of families whose tradition is to go on vacation to a tropical island instead. Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer escapes every year with her family to Hawaii, and if that wasn't enough to fill me with jealousy, her slammin' bikini bod is. Holy WOW! Camille is looking fine in her gray-green cutout bikini on those warm, sandy beaches.

I get it. It's definitely not normal to look that good at 44 years old. A woman at ANY age would have to have a great figure to rock a suit with those extra snippets missing. Lucky for you and me who may not have the same exhibitionist tendencies, though, 2013 swimsuit trends are all about a more conservative style. Prepare yourselves to celebrate: the one-piece swimsuit is back in a big way.


I know, it's super exciting. I've actually been seeing really cute one-pieces all over the stores lately. Some of them boast a flirty one-shoulder style, others feature loads of ruffles and bright, bright colors. It's crazy to think that a covered look that used to be reserved predominantly for moms and grandmothers at your local swimming pool is suddenly, well, hot.

Which is something I'm TOTALLY thankful for after seeing Camille's almost too-hot beach body. Really, she's a lucky woman to have that kind of figure. Maybe with a little more coverage, the rest of us regular ol' women can compete on the beach.

What do you think of Camille's swim look? Would you ever wear a bathing suit like that, or would you rather rock a one-piece?


Image via Bravo

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