Sofia Vergara's Sexy Wardrobe Malfunction Isn't Surprising With a Dress Like This (PHOTO)


sofia vergaraSofia Vergara is undeniably gorgeous. And it's impossible for her to look un-sexy in anything. Seriously, put a garbage bag over the woman and dudes'll still be ogling. (And ladies.) But sometimes, I don't know, maybe she should look into the whole less is more philosophy. I mean, there's something to be said for a little mystique, a little "leave them wanting more". And her dress on New Year's Eve? That left nothing to the imagination. In fact, the only thing one could imagine while looking at Sofia in this dress is what she'd look like with clothes on. So I can't say I'm shocked that her boobs supposedly fell out of this thing when a brawl broke out.

Like I said, Sofia's not exactly one to turtleneck-it-up, but this dress takes sex-ay to a whole new level. This dress looks like a corset/bondage/Fifty Shades of Grey/Halloween kind of situation. I know New Year's Eve is all about being sexy and fun, but yowza!

I rarely (read: never) wear anything super tight or low cut. Maybe it's because I'm a boring prude. Maybe it's because my body is nothing like Vergara's. However. If I ever do wear anything that could ... malfunction, I'm always sure to cover my ass. Both figuratively and literally. I'll bring a sweater. An extra tank top. Pin something somewhere. Anything to not have m'bits 'n' pieces hanging out.

But that's me. And again, I don't look like Sofia Vergara. I look like a girl sitting behind a computer typing. So, yeah.

Do you think Sofia's dress is a little much, or just enough for this sexy mama?

Image via Sofia Vergara/Twitter

wardrobe malfunctions, fifty shades of grey


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tuffy... tuffymama

With that body, I'd wear anything that struck my fancy and not even worry about the consequences. I'm sure nobody complained about her naked breast... Because it wasn't nourishing an infant.

TinyT... TinyTootiePie

I concur with Tuffymama...hahaha

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