Bridezilla Sisters Make Their Poor Dad Get Botox for Their Weddings (VIDEO)

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dad botoxBrides who are obsessed with various forms of extreme pre-wedding makeovers are a total reality TV stereotype these days, but have you ever heard of bride-to-be sisters ganging up on their dad to go get Botox for their weddings? Um, yeah. Good Morning America recently covered their story, which was all at once jaw-droppingly superficial and disturbing.

The 56-year-old dad, John Sharman, from Blackwood, New Jersey, makes his living as a truck driver. He's what GMA calls "a man's man." Even though he looks pretty great for his age, his three daughters were all getting married within seven months of one another, and they wanted Daddy to look his best. So they sent him off to the plastic surgeon for a little crows' feet-eliminating, smile line-erasing ... no big. 

Check out the story ...


Hmm, yeah. See what I mean? I love how the daughters seem to be trying to make it about giving their father an "ego-boost." Puh-lease. It's all about making sure they look good, and their day is 100 percent picture perfect.

More and more, it seems like that's the thing we're all pressured to be hung up on leading up to our wedding day. How you (and now, apparently, how your loved ones who will be surrounding you) look can so easily overshadow everything else. As in, how you feel and what the day means spirituality, emotionally, mentally. It's no wonder people are throwing in the towel after only days or months of marriage! They were probably more freaked out about the details of their airbrush makeup, laser lipo procedure, or extreme HCG diet than actually laying the foundation for a lifelong partnership. Ugh.

Don't get me wrong ... As I write this, I have to admit, I'm extremely conscious of how I want to look not only on the day of my wedding, but in the days leading up -- in my engagement photos, at my wedding shower, and at the rehearsal dinner. Of course I want to look the best I possibly can, and I want those around me to feel like they do too. But how they prepare for the special occasion -- be it with White Strips or by going under the knife -- should be completely up to them. You can call it an "ego boost" or "gift of confidence," but pushing a loved one to get a cosmetic treatment they wouldn't want to otherwise is nothing short of selfish bridezilla behavior.

What do you make of this story?


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Cheri... Cherish77

That's awful, I would never ask any family to do that. We had a rennesance wedding and luckily my dad looks the part of King Henry.

RoseFan1 RoseFan1

Of course you want to look good for your big day...but forcing your dad to look like someone hes not? Thats rediculous! I mean seriously? Yea, i understand wanting him to dress up a bit, but botox? My dads a truck driver, hes rough around the edges, but you know what, hes my dad and thats how I know him, and wouldnt want to change ANYTHING about him, even on my big day!

TaraLani TaraLani

I wish my Dad and all of his wrinkles were still here. They should be thankful that he is even going to be sharing in there big days, my brother and sister are both engaged, but our Dad died last year. They are 23 and 20, I am 26, and I was the only one who had the privilege of him attending our wedding, and that was nearly 8 years ago. Most men don't need an "ego boost" until people start calling out things like their smile lines or crows feet. It really makes me mad that they would do something like that to him, but it just goes to show how much a father will do for his kids.

krist... kristaleigh84

these ladies put way to much emphasis in looking "perfect" if and when they have kids i feel bad for them. This is how eating disorders get started at a young age. if they will "make" their father do something like this who says they wont have as much presure on their kids.

I like my laugh lines and crows feet, they are signs that I have had a happy life.  why don't people embrace getting older anymore? 

nonmember avatar kaerae

He's a great-looking man who worked hard all his life to provide for three little bitches. I pity their grooms.

Cel7777 Cel7777

Petty and stupid.

nonmember avatar Monica

Chill out everyone this is just tv they obviously didnt force their father to do anything it is just for fun get a life and enough with the sob stories.

nonmember avatar angel

You are so right Monica. People believe everything they read. Do they ever stop to think this is TV!!!!

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