Lindsay Lohan's Disastrous New Year's Look Means the Worst Is Yet to Come

lindsay lohan
On December 30.
Lindsay Lohan had a rough go of it in 2012, and unfortunately for her, it shows. All the car crashes, probations, hit and runs, tax problems, lying to the cops, and that Liz & Dick made-for-TV movie have evidently been internalized by LiLo ... and the result isn't pretty. She's tried to cover up the stress of it all with an inhuman amount of Botox in her young face, but it's only made things worse. Poor thing was photographed returning to her London hotel just before midnight on New Year's Eve and ... ouch. 


She looks hammered and bloated and like she wouldn't know her address if you asked her. Not exactly the best way to ring in a new year, especially if you've had trouble with alcohol and substance abuse in the past and should probably be in a rehab facility somewhere next to other A-listers bound by a confidentiality agreement.

She can fill all those stress lines caused by her illegal and irrational behavior with needles all she wants, but plastic surgery isn't going to solve any of her problems. When we're crumbling on the inside, it shows on the outside, and from the looks of things, Lindsay's not doing that great.

This year promises to be a difficult one for her -- she's shown no signs of slowing down or getting help or generally turning her act around, so it'd seem we can expect more of the same from Lindsay in 2013.

I mean, she spent all weekend shopping and dining in fancy restaurants wearing a fur coat and carrying a multi, multi-thousand-dollar pink ostrich Birkin bag. In case you forgot, she's in dire financial straits and the IRS has recently frozen her accounts.

Not exactly an example of responsibility, now is she. Here's to a cleaner 2013 for Lindsay, on all fronts.

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Photo via Splash News

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