JWoww's New Year's Wardrobe Malfunction Was as Bizarre as It Was Embarrassing

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jwoww snookiWhen MTV rang in the New Year from their prime spot in Times Square, they had two of the year's biggest stars on hand to host: Snooki and JWoww emceed the big night, and while the evening went off without a hitch for the most part, our friends over at Wetpaint pointed out that JWoww suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

Wuh-oh. Wellll, when you sport a sparkly mini-dress barely long enough to cover your hoo-ha like she did, you're gonna have to accept that you're taking a serious fashion risk to begin with, amirite?! And so, rather unsurprisingly at one point, Jenni's dress hitched up to the point where you could see pretty much the entire tops of her thighs and bottom of her booty ... not to mention, something all sorts of funky we can't quiiiite identify. Um, OMG, could those be ... butt pasties?! Butt IMPLANTS?!

No, seriously, what the heck!? Are they? Otherwise, maybe it's butt padding or distorted-looking Spanx (due to the angle of the camera?). Whatever it is, it was a really bad idea underneath such a teeny tiny dress. I wouldn't be surprised if whatever it was actually played a part in causing her dress to hitch up too high. You know how sometimes shapewear actually works against your outfit? Hello, this could very well be an illustrated example of that. On national TV. Ouch.

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What makes me feel even worse for her is that we all know she doesn't need anything at all to make her figure look hotter. She looks amazing, period, the end. If the desired effect was for her to look like she had MORE junk in her trunk in that dress, I'm sorry, but ... no. She still looked sort of flat-assed ... but still awesome. And if it was the opposite -- aka what Bridget Jones might call shaping "granny knickers" -- then hopefully she's learned her lesson that such a bulky undergarment may not work out so well under a dress like that.

Bottom-line: Maybe next time, she can consider adding an inch or two to her skirt, and skipping the not at all subtle attempt at butt shaping. Cuz when you're wearing a dress that teensy-weensy on national TV, you're just setting yourself up for a fashion faux pas.

What do you think is going on there under JWoww's dress?

Image via MTV

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Guest27 Guest27

Uh... It's just her bottom.

2baby... 2babymomma

It looks like the fabric lining the dress

Autum... Autumnleaves87

Yeah. It's just her cheeks hangin out.. who wears that sort of dress on a stage though?? That is just asking for a bad shot..

CPN322 CPN322

The left side looks like her butt but whats goin on with the right? I think thats whats throwing the author off.

beatthis beatthis

Maybe she is wearing thong pantyhose:



Weste... Westendgrl

I think she is just wearing super high-rise boy shorts and they are riding up her butt so her cheeks are hanging out towards the bottom and it just looks weird and unflattering.  I don't think she has on spanks or butt implants.

super... supercarp

Who's Jwow?

Cel7777 Cel7777

Definitely something strange going on under there. I'm not sure what butt-implant underwear looks like, but that sure as hell looks like what I picture.

NewMo... NewMomma.S

Definitely padding lol the silly things we women do to look "good"

nonmember avatar tal

definitely just her butt. shes leaning a bit to the side so her "cheeks" arent parallel to each other. thats all.

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