When Jeans Are Too Tight....

Mr. Puffins wishes

he could fit into this box.

Last night I washed my favorite pair of jeans and today they aren't fitting very well! Too much turkey? Yes. Seconds on the stuffing? And thirds. Pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream? For breakfast, too. What to do?


Cafe Kristen has some great tips for a post-Thanksgiving diet that I plan on looking into, but until I battle my bulge, I can always grab a hair tie to help keep my jeans together

I've done some funny things to fit into jeans. I have this one pair, which do not fit at all, but I had the idea that if I wore them all day in the house that they would stretch out enough so they can be presentable for outside wear. That never happened. I was just uncomfortable for most of the day until I gave up on the notion and put on sweats.

Have you ever suffered for style? What are some things you've done to fit into jeans?

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