5 Beauty Resolutions We All Need to Keep in 2013

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chipped nailsUsually New Year's resolutions entail something in the vein of becoming a better person or losing weight. And that's great. Those are New Year's resolutions you should make. (And keep?) But I wanna talk about the small stuff for a second here. The little things we should do -- for ourselves -- that might make us the itsiest, bitsiest, tiniest bit happier. They're by no means hard resolutions to keep. And they don't involve any amount of will power or hard work. It's just that ... well, we can be lazy when it comes to maintaining ourselves. No more, ladies. No. More. Here are 5 beauty resolutions we all should attempt to keep in 2013. Come on, don't you want to look all pretty and polished this year?

Maintain your brows. Straight up -- I suck at this. Once upon a time, I would get brow waxes every month or so, and even pluck in between, but no more. And I can't even use having a baby as an excuse for this one, because this is something I stopped doing long before I got pregnant. In 2013, I want to try to stay on top of my brows more. Will this result in world peace? No. But it'll make me the slightest bit happier when I look in the bathroom mirror.

Trim your hairs. And while we're on the subject of hair, and maintaining it, let's talk about haircuts and trims for a second here. Am I the only person who pretty much does this once or twice a year? It takes weeks, no, months, of me complaining about my split ends and how lifeless my hair looks before actually doing something about it. Even if it's Supercuts, let's trim more this year, people!

Bikini waxing. Oh, hell, let's just go for the trifecta here. Let's wax more, ladies. Doesn't have to be every month, like it may have been back in the day, but every once in a while, let's hit up a salon, fork over nine million dollars, and brace ourselves for a world of pain, because ... I don't even know. It's the right thing to do?

Trying new makeup. Raise your hand if you've been using the same bronzer and lipstick for 3+ years! Let's make 2013 the year of getting out of our comfort zones. And let's start at Sephora.

Taking off our polish when it starts to chip. Really, there's nothing less sophisticated or unpolished-looking (heh) than nail color that's chip-chip-chipping away. When it starts to flake off, no need to redo nails, just take it off and go bare.

Do you have any beauty resolutions?


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Shandi80 Shandi80

I purchased a pro waxing set from Sally Beauty Supply for myself. I see beautifully arched brows in my future.

CPN322 CPN322

Mine are all right up there on your list(except I'll be trying waxing something other than my brows for the first time ever). And I'm the same way about my hair! Also, I already do this, but even when your at home, look cute for you(pair a lil tighter, but comfy, top with those sweat pants, or better yoga pants). I dress to impress myself and feel everyone should.

CPN322 CPN322

I'm a big believer in if you look good to you, you feel good and are more confident, productive and happier and can rub that positivity off on those around you. And I don't mean putting on lots of make up and getting all fancy all the time(I rarely wear makeup, but have noticed I feel much more confident with a bit of eye make up). We only get one body. Gots to treat it right :)


Oh my gosh,how I hate chipped polish! I'd love to get make up done, but every time I go to any make up counter they make me look like a clown.

BirdCo BirdCo

I'm going to try a simple one...apply lotion after everytime I was my hands.

RobynS RobynS

Yes, I'm horrible about #5, but I rarely paint my nails, so it's not often an issue. I've never had a bikini wax, and I only get my hair cut twice a year at most. Eyebrows, maybe once a year (would def like to do that more often but it's not in the budget).  I hardly ever wear makeup, but yes, I'm using the same stuff I've had forever. Desperately need a new blush brush--mine is falling apart!

Forev... ForeverInLove

One through three costs too much money! LOL. And, three... nobody is ripping hair from my crotch! Sorry, but having a hair get stuck on the sticky of a pad is hell... imagine them all being ripped from there. No thanks!

Four... I don't wear tons of make-up, and have no intention of doing so. i like just enough to help with blemishes and make my eyes stand out. So, basically, foundation, eye liner, and mascara. Works great!

Five. I don't even own polish remover. I so very rarely wear the stuff! Wait, I lied. I just splurged on a piggy paint set for my daughter that has acetone free remover in it for the piggy paint.

armyg... armygirl16

I will be buying new makeup this year.  I can't have nail polish at work, so I never have to worry abou it chipping lol.  I am going to be working on my brows more.  I had them threaded before my wedding and they looked good.  I just tweeze them now but they haven't gotten out of control yet.  I never get my hair trimmed though.  I'm growing it out right now. It has been probably over a year since anyone has touched my hair with scissors.  I will get it trimmed this year.  Also of course loosing weight will be on my list.  I am not starting this one until after our honeymoon though (mid Janurary, its a delayed honeymoon).  I have about 20lbs I want to loose....

cew816 cew816

Cpn22... I'm with you. I used to not put a bra on, or just wear sweats and a baggy shirt, or my night gown from the night before. Then always felt frumpy, and a little guilty when my hubby got home from work. He works hard and deserves to come home to a clean house and asexy wife. I don't wear make up unless I'm going somewhere, but I make sure I'm dressed decently, and that my hair is fixed. Physically, its great to be comfortable, but mentally and emotionally, I think its better to take a little care of yourself. I started about a month ago with trying to keep up with my eyebrows, and nail polish. I was growing my hair out until 2 weeks ago when I used a new kind of hair dye, and fried the ends. But I got it fixed and plan on growing or again.

brook... brooklynsmom811

Their is no reason why women need to wax or tweeze their eyebrows, that's what eyebrow shapers are for, they work very well and save you money.

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