New Justin Bieber Tattoo Is a Shout-Out to His Main Man (Jesus, Duh)

justin bieber tattooA new year, a new tattoo ... that's the Justin Bieber way! Or so it would seem from this pic recently added to the Biebs' Instagram account of praying hands surrounded by roses with the word(s) "Newtat" underneath. Whether or not the tat is indeed "new" is a topic of fierce debate for Beliebers, apparently (some insist this is merely an embellished version of a pre-existing tattoo on Bieber's calf), but either way, I think we can safely conclude that a.) Justin Bieber likes getting tattoos and b.) Justin Bieber likes getting religious tattoos. Praying hands, a bust of Jesus, Hebrew letters, a rumored crown (as in a crown of thorns, perhaps?) ... anybody else sensing a theme?

So we can be pretty sure god-related stuff will inspire Justin Bieber's next ink-tastic masterpiece, too. But what exactly will the image be? Here are a few sacred suggestions:

1. Beast Jesus: Also known as "Planet of the Apes Jesus," 81-year-old Cecilia Gimenez of Spain caused quite a sensation when she, ahem, "restored" a valuable antique fresco. Didn't make such a great painting, but a tattoo? Why not?

2. The Pope's Twitter Handle: Just picture it: @Pontifex. Maybe in fancy caligraphy on the back of his neck?

2. Half Centaur, Half Justin Bieber: Like Tim Tebow's tattoo. This is Jesus Christ to Tim Tebow/Please leave me alone ...

3. A Guardian Angel: Justin Timberlake has one on his back. Justin Timberlake is dreamy.

4. Rosary Beads: Alyssa Milano has a set tattooed on her right shoulder blade. On her left shoulder blade she has Tony Danza's face. HA! I kid, I kid.

What do you think Justin Bieber should get for his next tattoo?


Image via justinbieber/Instagram

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names... namestaken

The only theme I notice is CONSTANT bieber smashing...Good grief woman I know its suppose to be cool to make fun of him, but Damn....I get so tired of bieber post on here...

nonmember avatar sarah

there is no need to bash him for representing his faith though tattoos. if you dont have a belief in God i'm sorry but dont bring down others who do.

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