'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Is Getting More Surgery to Look Like Kim Kardashian

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farrah abrahamI don't know why it never crossed my mind before, but once I heard that Teen Mom Farrah Abraham was getting all that plastic surgery so she could look like Kim Kardashian, I was like, hello! Duh. That makes sense, slash doesn't make sense at all. 

Here's the thing: according to a source, Farrah thinks Kim's the prettiest lady in all the land (makes sense) and is paying tens of thousands of dollars to copy her facial structure (doesn't make sense whatsoever). Farrah's going to ruin herself trying to look like Kim. In fact, she's already planning more surgery!

Apparently, Farrah's happy with her new nose and chin, but thinks she needs cheek implants to really look like Kim, and bigger, double D breasts, too. Fantastic.

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One reality star trying to look like another reality star ... soon it will be the Reality Star apocalypse and girls in their early 20s with frozen faces and gigantic boobs will be wandering the streets looking for food. And by food I mean Botox, since that seems to be their only source of caloric intake.

As with most young women who get plastic visages way, way too young, I think Farrah looked much prettier with her O.G. face. Same with Heidi Montag and Ashlee Simpson. And same with Kim Kardashian, for that matter. I think Kim's a little too fond of the fillers these days.

Farrah's on the road to plastic surgery disaster and someone should stop her. I know she won't listen to her mom, and it'd be hilarious if she listened to me, so maybe we gotta have Kim tweet Farrah and tell her to cut it out. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but Kim Kardashian may be our last hope.

Do you think Farrah's in trouble of becoming a walking plastic surgery nightmare?


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nonmember avatar Angee

She needs to opt for a brain transplant! That's what happens when you give a spoiled lil brat money. She may have accomplished a stupid song, a ill-written book, and spat out a kid, but she's still a irresponsible and gross understatement of a parent, treating hers that way she does. Can't wait for Sophia to return the favor.

nonmember avatar shell

First of all, all she's ever done is slam Kim's family. Second of all,NO amount of surgery will ever make that chick pretty. She's going to look like a monster by the time she's done with all that plastic surgery she wants. lol Gross. Oh well, it will match her attitude! Gross. lol

nonmember avatar kiki87

there's not plastic surgery that can fix that ugly face.

nonmember avatar Pearl Boswell

All the plastic surgery will do is make her even uglier. Matches her attitude. Which she doesn't care about cause it just gets uglier.

prett... prettypoopy

I hope they boch her surgery so her ugly face matches her personality.

nonmember avatar johni

She needs her brain checked more like it shes fkd! Feel sorry for her parents what a ungreatful piece of shit she is, go play in the deep blue sea farrah you self center'd moron!

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