Britney Spears Wins Most Impressive Style Transformation of 2012


britney spearsBritney Spears has caught a lot of flack this year. From her dead eyes on the X Factor to, most recently, this claim that Kevin Federline's brother is the father of her first born, 2012 hasn't been necessarily easy on the girl.

But, there's an upside. As much as her hair creeps me out, I have to hand it to her, she's come a long way this year, style wise. The old Britney who dressed like she was playing a sexy truck stop employee in a Broadway musical has morphed into a respectable 31-year-old with some real, bona fide style. (Relatively speaking, of course.)

And for that, I'd like to award her Most Improved Outfit Selector of 2012. It's Britney, bitches.

At the beginning of 2012, Britney looked hot in a tight black dress, which was quite the accomplishment since she was standing next to Kim Kardashian, who, ya know, is kind of unreal looking.

A few months later, and even though she was criticized for it, I think Brit looked pretty damn good in this tight white mini dress that she wore to the Fox upfronts in May. Same with this plum number. Oh! And this pink dress, too. In June, she sizzled in a red bandage dress.

September brought her Elle cover, on which she looked coherent and pretty. We'll let the obvious Photoshopping slide because, well, everyone does it. And this white eyelet dress she wore that month was a personal fave. So cute.

In October, Britney looked downright perfect at a City of Hope function in a backless white gown. Her hair even looked great, which is really saying something.

And most recently, Britney stunned in this pleated black dress. The hair could use some work (is that a wig?) but the style? Loving it.

Do you think Britney's style has improved this year?


Photo via dpmzcnrd/Flickr

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BPayne09 BPayne09

I think she looks awesome. I love Britney. And I have to be a butthead and say the dress was didn't plead for anything.

paige... paige8608

In the LBD pic....erhm...if she got a boob job, how come they look so sad?! I think she looks like a 20 year old dressing for the club (and not a very nice one, at that) everytime she steps out. Her style is quite pedestrian & I can easily  go to the mall and buy an outift that would look 10 times better than any crappy piece of fabric she puts on that sorry excuse of a body she has. Not to mention that I've seen hood rats with better weaves than Britney. She's sad. I can't look at her - in any instance - and think, "Wow...Brit Brit is looking stellar!" Because she isn't. 

nonmember avatar sarah

i dont think she looks good and she hasnt for a few years now. she looks tired all the time and she has no spark in her eyes anymore. the smoking is really showing on her face and like madonna she needs to stop dressing so skimpy because she no longer has the body for it.

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