Jennifer Aniston Rocks Sexiest Bikini Ever & Puts Silly Pregnancy Rumors to Rest (VIDEO)

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jennifer aniston bikini photos cabosSeems like no matter what she does, Jennifer Aniston can't avoid those darn pregnancy rumors. There's a new one every week. Seriously, tabloids probably make more than 50 percent of their revenue strictly on cover lines concerning the former Rachel Green's fertility. But Jen managed to squash the latest silly buzz in one fell swoop this Christmas ... by donning a teeny hot pink bikini while vacationing with fiance Justin Theroux in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Paparazzi are usually a pain in the butt, but I'm sure Jen was thanking them for getting these shots of her tight tummy. Because those flat abs make it perfectly clear that there's currently no bun in the oven. And, by the way, can we talk about how smokin' gorgeous she looks?!

She's rockin' that fun, in-your-face-tiny hot pink top and even teenier black bikini bottom like nobody's business. And it's not just her abs that are enviable! Cuz you gotta be tone and lean all over to work that skimpy swimwear, and 'course Jen manages to do it with serious panache. And oh yeah, that cute, carefree straw hat doesn't hurt her glam factor either.

Truthfully, I'm just as exhausted as anyone by the perpetual talk about how she looks amazing, better than ever, how is her skin so smooth and glowy, her hair so perfectly highlighted, and her body obviously so fit. But the reason we can't shut up about all of that is because it's true! Granted, there may be some plastic surgery Hollywood magic behind some of her beauty, but whatever. Doesn't change the fact that her simply sexy and beachy style is purely aspirational.

Are you a fan of Jen's vacay look?


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Do I have early onset dementia or did I read here last week that "Jennifer Aniston is soo pregnant"?And now it was a silly rumor. Oy, you people.

nonmember avatar Michelle

I didn't start to show at ALL until almost 4 months....she could still be pregnant just not very far along!

nonmember avatar sarah

sexiest biini ever? its just a regular bikini and while she does have a nice fit body i dont see what the draw is. nothing all that special going on there.

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