Sexy, Easy New Year's Eve Hairstyle: Clip-In Extensions (PHOTOS)

hairMy sister wears clip-in hair extensions pretty much every day, but you'd never know it. In fact, once in a while, as a party trick, she'll pull them out and watch people's faces turn from horror to surprise to flat-out confusion. Because they look good. They look realistic. They look ... like the perfect thing to wear on New Year's Eve.

If you're not a hairspray/updo/curled hair kind of gal (and you're not one of those genetically blessed women with long, luscious locks), consider wearing clip-in hair extensions to ring in the New Year. They're super easy to put in. And the best part? You can wear them all throughout 2013.

Check out this handy step-by-step guide (with photos), compliments of my sister and and I!


Before we get into it, a few things. One: Where do you buy clip-in hair extensions? These days? Pretty much anywhere. Any beauty supply store, mall kiosk, or, obviously on-line. My sister got hers from Sally Beauty Supply store. (And I have a pair, too -- I got mine from a place called Eve Beauty Source in NYC.) Two, when they're "human hair", they'll last you much longer -- and you can curl and straighten and do pretty much whatever you want with them. And lastly -- you should cut them a bit before wearing them. (I know, it sounds crazy.) Thing is, you don't want them to look toooo, well, not like your real hair when you wear them -- and that can be the case when they're fresh out of the box. Take a pair of scissors (enlist a friend if you're scared), and haphazardly do a few, uneven snips. You don't want a straight, blunt cut. That'll wind up looking fake. You want to just thin things out at the bottom. (If this is an insane suggestion to you, simply curl the bottoms, so no one can see.)

Now -- how do you put them in? Like this!

The before. Start with hair that's "done" -- meaning, well, do your own hair first. You don't want to have what my sister and I have deemed "schizo-hair," which is where your hair is half-frizzy and wavy, half sleek and shiny. That would be weird. Another shot:


Next, you separate.


Make like you're doing a "half-up/half-down" 'do. Only more. What I mean by that is put most of your hair up, only a little down. Then clip in your 3-pronged extensions. Like so:


See? Looks long!


Typically, next you would clip your four-prong extension a bit over the three-prong (you'd put a little hair down, then clip again), but my sister was feeling, um, natural this particular day, and decided to go for a "thinner, less Kardashian" look.

And so it was off to the sides ...


Create a really far side-part and clip two 1-inch pieces next to each other (Note: sometimes you'll get 2-inch piece clips). Brush hair down over it. Repeat with the other side.


And voila! Long hair in minutes!

It's a fun, quick look that really requires approximately zero hair skills. The extensions can be a bit pricey, but like I said -- they're the gift that'll keep on giving all year long. Enjoy! And, hey, Happy New Year.

Have you ever worn clip-in hair extensions? What fun, easy hairstyles do you know of?


Images via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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