Kelly Osbourne's New Bikini Body Is Incredible but Her Hair's Still a Disaster

kelly osborneI'm not quite sure where Kelly Osbourne's fashion cred came from. Why is she a cop on Fashion Police? Just because her dad's a rock star and her mom's some sort of hilarious anti-housewife doesn't mean that Kelly's a style expert. I mean, her grayish, purply-ish hair looks like it would smell like old-lady perfume and would pose a fire hazard whenever candles are around. 

I'm not willing to deny Kelly all titles of experience, though. As much as I don't think she has a leg to stand on when critiquing others' style, I do, however, think she's an expert when it comes to body transformation and maintaining significant weight-loss. Just look at her here on the cover of Cosmopolitan Body. Amazing.


There's a lot I respect about this cover. First of all, she explains in the interview that it took her a while to love herself and that losing 69 pounds wasn't part of that self-respect-finding process. She says that showing off her body is still difficult and unnerving and I appreciate how relatable that sounds. I mean, hello, I'd shit a brick if I had to be on a cover of a magazine, even in a parka.

Secondly, and I don't know how much control Kelly had over this, I like that she's not airbrushed, or at least not notably airbrushed. Her body looks human -- there are curves in her belly, there are tan lines on her breasts, and her arms haven't been digitally altered to look like long, lean pegs coming out of a stick.

Third of all, I love the bikini and her necklace ... but even those accessory wins can't make up for that hair of hers. I can't.

Kelly says she's undergone a lifestyle change, the benefits of which are clear. She looks fabulous. But most importantly, she sounds like she's grounded and happy.

Now. If only Joan Rivers could talk her into a box of chestnut brown dye ...

What do you think of Kelly's new look?


Photo via Cosmopolitan Body

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