Help! I’m Dressing Too Old for My Age


cardigan sweater
This isn't me. But I'd wear that.
Ok, ladies, I hate to admit it -- but I really think I might be stuck in some sort of fashion rut. Actually, I know I'm stuck in a fashion rut, because lately I've noticed that a certain demographic has quite a bit to say about my choice of outfits.

Over the past few weeks while I've been out shopping, dining at restaurants, or running errands, several women have stopped me and told me how much they love my sweater, outfit, etc. -- and coincidentally, all of them have happened to be over the age of 60 or so.

That's right -- old ladies (sorry Mom, I mean no disrespect) are seriously diggin' my style, and I'm not sure whether to be flattered or crawl into a hole somewhere.

I mean, on the one hand, it's really sweet that they're taking the time to tell me I look nice. But on the other hand, if the only people commenting on my choice of dress these days are women over 60 -- isn't that kind of a huge clue that I'm probably dressing a bit too old for my tender age of 35?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm more of a classic dresser versus someone who hops on whatever the trend of the moment happens to be, but am I really dressing that far out of my own age bracket?

Here's the thing -- I'm a huge fan of layers, so I'm wondering if that's where I'm going wrong. On any given day of the week, I can usually be found wearing a pair of jeans, a tank top or camisole, and a flowy sweater or cardigan, simply because I love, love, love layering.

Layers hide my muffin top. And they're really comfortable. And since I tend to shift between being too hot or too cold all day long, layers are a great way to keep things the perfect temperature. (Maybe I'm experiencing early menopause? OMG.)

Hmm. Come to think of it, I do see a lot of older women doing the layering thing too. Either dressing in layers signifies being over the hill, or maybe I've just figured out the secret to looking good and staying comfortable at a much earlier age.

What do you think? Are layers my problem? How should I dress so I get compliments from 30-somethings instead of 60-somethings?


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nonmember avatar Carolyn

I think clothes should come marked with an age range as well as a size. I am 48 sort of an in between age too old for a mini skirt but too young for pull on polyester pants!

There seems to be a lot of women on reality TV shows lately that dress way too young. In their minds they still "got it" and feel they have to reveal "it" for the world. In reality they are just dressing like a 20 something who really can dress that way.

That being said it does not mean you have to dress like a senior citizen when you are older.

heart... heartmymom

I am 29 and wear the same thing - jeans, shirt, cardigan. I keep it young by trying to wear a patterned stop with an accenting cardigan. I never match my shirt color to my cardigan, as the photo above. Try to mix up the jeans with some colored jeans, that will keep you looking young, but paired with a shirt and cardigan will also keep you from looking like a wanna be teenager. I buy my tops at younger stores and my cardigans at older stores - because I want those to be quality items; the shirts, I couldn't care less how long they last because I'll be tired of it in a few months anyways.  I don't think layering is your problem, just be careful how and what you layer. 

nonmember avatar Susan

Why not try:
- A blazer instead of a cardigan. A blazer has much more polish and structure, pairs well with jeans and heels/boots/sandals. Roll or push up sleeves for more casual vibe. A long necklace or fun bracelet add visual interest
- Shine or interesting cut/texture for your shirt or blouse. This piece should be something someone on Social Security wouldn't dare to wear.
- Awesome shoes. Like, I can't wait to find an excuse to leave the house just so I can wear these puppies awesome.

Andi Dodd

I say dress however makes you comfortable.  If you're not comfortable in your clothes you'll lose your confidence.

nonmember avatar Jamie

Old ladies give more compliments in general!

nonmember avatar Chelsie

I was just having this conversation with my cousin last night. I am 33 and sometimes I think I dress too old also. I was watching Disney channel with my 9 yr old and one of the GRANDMAS on this show literally had the entire outfit I was wearing on. My daughter said "awkward." Oh my god I was horrified.

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