10 Gorgeous 40-Year-Old Stars Who Defy Their Age (PHOTOS)

cameron diazForty is a weird age for women. It's society's fault. We think we have it so much better when we're young. Youth is good times without the need for a really good moisturizer, that's certain, but 40 is fabulous. Sexual peak comes at 30; at 40, we have the sex, the looks, the brains, and the knowledge of the years we've lived. Provided we've taken care of ourselves. 

Having dreaded turning 40 myself, I hit it and then saw the previews for This Is 40. Perfect, I thought! Laughing is better than frowning when it comes to keeping wrinkles away.

I turned 40 in really good-looking company, with women who defy their age. Look at Cameron Diaz -- 40 and stunning. Her hands, her clavicle, her decolletage! You can tell she moisturizes. Let's take a look at the other gorgeous, confident, put together, smart, and beautifully seasoned ladies who hit the big 4-0 this year. They'll make anyone younger no longer afraid to age.


Image via Splash


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