Jessica Simpson Does a Horrible Job Dressing Herself After Dramatic Weight Loss

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Jessica SimpsonBy now, most of us have seen Jessica Simpson's newest ad for Weight Watchers. Hitting the boob tube on December 25, the ad features the rumored pregnant singer standing in the middle of a desert, driving a beat up ol' pick-up truck, and telling viewers that, yes, there's "a lot of pressure to lose weight" and that she's "just Jessica trying to eat real food in the real world."

Listen, I think the commercial in itself is kind of cheesy. I like the message she's sending out, saying that normal women can get healthy by slowly changing their habits, but what's with the desert backdrop, the Western flair, and the pick-up truck? Come on Weight Watchers, this is all you've got?

The biggest qualm I have with the whole thing, though? Jessica's outfit. A plaid open button-down? Come ON Jess. You've dropped 50 pounds. You can do SO much better than this, especially on national TV.

When you lose weight, you want to work on accentuating your best assets. Here, Jessica is wearing a belt at her hips, which doesn't do anything for her, as well as a loose, baggy button-down. I'm not saying that the woman needs to put on a little red dress and strut around town, but come ON momma! You worked HARD to lose those pounds. You dripped sweat in the gym for hours. You learned to loathe the word "lunge." You deserve to flaunt that body.

So how could she have dressed to REALLY show off her slimmer figure? Just like any other woman, Jessica needs to focus on her tiniest areas. Maybe instead of that loose-fitting button-down, she could opt for a more slimming cardigan with a belted waist to show off her hourglass shape. As for her undershirt, the straight line across the bust created by that tank top doesn't do even the sexiest of women any favors. Opting for something like a V-neck, which elongates the neck, would be much, much more flattering.

Something that Jess is doing right? Wearing the right pair of jeans. After dropping pounds, it's easy just to slip into some familiar denim that feels comfortable. But an ill-fitting pair of jeans just is NOT your friend. The ones Jess is wearing here totally flatter her shape.

Let me know what you think about Jessica's new commercial and her look, here:


Image via Weight Watchers

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ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

Personally, I think she looks awesome, I like her outfit, and would probably wear it. Why does she need to flaunt it anymore? Does she need to look drop dead sexy all the time? She looks happy, and healthy. That's what should matter.

poshkat poshkat

she looks great, her outfits is cute. did you expect her to wear her daisy dukes in order to cover up her spanx?

Laura-Kathleen Redman

That's funny... I think the person who dropped the 50 pounds should get to decide what she wants to wear or how she wants to flaunt it.  If Jessica feels great about herself and her accomplishment in what's she's wearing, that's what she should be wearing. 

PonyC... PonyChaser

Why is it that any time someone doesn't look "uptown" and reek of "city chic", she's making the wrong fashion choices? There are plenty of women in the world who LIKE plaid shirts, jeans, and pickup trucks. There's an entire COUNTRY of women who live in the sticks that are tired of being ignored and called "redneck" and "backward" just because we choose NOT to wear tight dresses and heels every minute of every day. Welcome to real life. Where we wear clothes that are functional and comfortable, and still look good in them.

Rebecca Peterson

I think it makes sense, the outfit with the backdrop and all, because she claims to be a simple country girl. She rocks the look and that's all that matters.

Wendy Hanson

I seriously doubt Jessica chose her own clothes for the shoot.

nonmember avatar molly

it's for a commercial... she didn't pick her outfit, the stylist did!! and it's obvious they picked that theme b/c the "good ol' southern girl" is what Jessica has always represented... this article is an all around FAIL

nonmember avatar Heather

She's wearing the plaid shirt to hide her muffin top. If she looked good in something else, they would have put her in something else.

Mommi... MommietoJB

If she's prego with #2, I dont think she will be strutting in a red mini dress anytime soon. But this is a total mom look, and I think their trying to play up that angle.

Torra... TorranceMom

I think she looks great!

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