Miss Universe Olivia Culpo Crowned: 8 Things to Know About the American Beauty Queen

Miss Universe

The Miss Universe pageant was held in Las Vegas last night and Olivia Culpo, a 20-year-old student from Rhode Island, was crowned the most gorgeous babe in the world. Olivia is the first American to win Miss Universe since 1997. Hard to believe. But when you're competing against beauties from all over the globe, I guess it's not that hard to believe. So who is Miss Culpo?


Olivia is a Boston University student and has studied cello since she was in second grade. She's played in Boston Symphony Hall and Carnegie Hall.

Her father called her the "nerdiest" of her five siblings and her brother said she was "really chubby and sort of weird when she was younger." Hear that, nerds? You too can grow up to become a pageant queen -- if you're into that kind of thing.

She was crowned Miss Rhode Island last year, despite having no pageant experience, and entering the contest in a $20 dress with a hole in it.

She was crowed Miss USA in June 2012. This time, she took the pageant more seriously, dieting, working out, and studying world events on flashcards.

She beat out 88 contestants in the Miss Universe pageant, held at the Planet Hollywood casino in Las Vegas, to compete with the 16 semifinalists for the crown.

After she won, she tweeted: "What an honor! This night was a dream come true. Thank you everyone for your support tonight!! USA finally did it!"

During the pageant, she was asked if she'd ever done anything she "regretted." She said picking on her younger siblings. Hey, Olivia, if your brother's comment is any indication, maybe he deserved it, haha!

Donald "Show me your birth certificate" Trump owns the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. I'm guessing he likes Olivia Culpo more than the former Miss Pennsylvania. (Though considering he won a $5 million judgment against her, maybe he adores her now.)

Did you watch Miss Universe? Do you agree with the winner?


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