Snooki Steps Out in Scariest Heels Yet & We Hope She Doesn't Carry Lorenzo in Them (PHOTO)

snookiWow. Jersey Shore may be over, but I'm thinking MTV could potentially make an entire spinoff show based on the contents of Snooki's shoe closet. She's just as famous for her high heel collection as she is for being a reality TV star, and her latest pair of crazy shoes may go down in history as her biggest style dare yet.

Snooki wore these red "heel-less" high heels in Los Angeles earlier this week, and I have to admit -- my feet hurt simply after looking at these things.


I mean, how in the hell did she manage to walk in those shoes without tripping and falling flat on her face?!? Actually, forget falling for a second, how did she manage to put one foot in front of the other and walk at all? Good thing baby Lorenzo wasn't with her. And let's hope she never wears these shoes while carrying him.

Then again, this is Snooki, we're talking about, and if anyone can pull off wearing a pair of shoes this insane without winding up with cuts, bruises, or a cast on her leg -- it's her for sure.

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Seriously, if any other celeb mom stepped out in "heels" like those, she'd be torn to pieces about how crazy they look. But since Snooki is the one wearing them, they actually look pretty cute, and if nothing else, they're classic Snooki.

Hey, at least she's consistent and sticks to wearing shoes she's comfortable in -- even though the majority of us wouldn't be.

Are you a heel-wearin' mama? Would you try Snooki's pair on for size?


Image via Splash

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