Robert Pattinson May Be Mad at Kristen Stewart Because She Smells Bad

kristen stewart robert pattinsonAccording to the tabs, Robert Pattinson is pissed at Kristen Stewart. And no, it isn't because she boned that dude who directed her in that movie no one saw. It's because she smells. No, really. There is an actual rumor going around that states this. According to Now Magazine, Rob is turned off by Kristen's "grungy habits." A source told this UK tabloid: "She doesn't wash her hair that often, only brushes her teeth once a day and rarely wears perfume. He loved it when she made an effort for the Twilight promotion. But now she's back to her lazy old self and he's not impressed."

I mean, if this is true, I'm not surprised he's not impressed. No need to bust out the ball gown every day when you've been in a relationship as long as they have, but Christ, run a comb through your hair, woman!

Full disclosure: I'm apt to think that this rumor is -- how do I put this? -- bull shit, as who the hell knows how many times somebody brushes their teeth each day? But if you buy into the ol' "where there's smoke there's fire" adage -- Kristen could afford to step it up a bit. And if she hates brushing her teeth so much, there's always those Oral B Brush Up finger things.

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I'm definitely not the kind of person who gets all gussied up for her husband each day. In fact, I'm working from home right now, and I haven't even gotten dressed. But I will brush my teeth and, on special occasions, my hair. And I'll even hop in the shower once in a while. And you know, now that I think of it, I'd probably do these things even if I didn't have someone to "impress with my hygeine." But that's just me. Total Type A.

KStew, you're a beautiful girl with a smokin' hot boyfriend. No need to go all out, or even bathe, every day. But it probably wouldn't be terrible for your relationship -- or your dental records -- if you stayed on top of things a bit.

Do you believe this? Do you get dressed up for your partner all the time?


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hello... hellokd87

While I don't believe ANYTHING the tabs say and usually take it with a cup of salt, I think there might be some validity to her "grungy" ways. She wore sneakers on the red carpet for crying out loud! That having been said, she may be just enjoying her time off after back to back filming and promoting. I personally wash my hair every few days because I have coarse, wavy hair and I was advised (and am advised) not to wash my hair everyday as it will dry out the roots. But I wash it before it starts to stink. Hygiene is a very personal thing, something only yourself, MAYBE parents/siblings and a live-in partner would know. How the heck would the tabs have gotten a "source" that knew this??

Valda... ValdaThomas

Maybe the reason she wears his clothes is because hers are still in the hamper. lol

nonmember avatar Whatuseeuget

Well, u don't need an insider source to see that a dip in the tub or shower couldn't hurt her. However, I do agree that no one would know how Pattinson feels about her hygiene because it wouldn't be discussed with outsiders

nonmember avatar Guest43

I thought she said Robert Pattinson liked to lick her old nasty underarms!

Rhonda Bierer

I use to everyday for years until I fell ill to an underlying health issue. At one point when I was being treated for the illness; I could not get off the couch. Now since things are some what better I make more of an effort until I crash and burn.. If your healthy I would suggest always put forth an effort to be as presentable as possible.. Not full hair and make-up but very clean and shined.

Irene Cooper

total bogus article/story

Danielle Woolfork

OK you can like what i have to say or not i really don't care but i am going to speak my mind about this shit. I think everyone needs to leave them alone. I am so sick of hearing about Rob and Kristen this rob and Kristen that. LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE let them live their lives in peace. If they wanna be together that is their choice. But NOBODY I MEAN NOBODY knows what goes on and they just wanna start rumors about them. This shit is getting old i think they are a good couple and look cute together. If she doesn't want to wear makeup or perfume that is on her she doesn't have to. It is their life not everyone else's but to sit there and ASSUME shit is pathetic and i am done listening to it. Just LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE.

MomOf... MomOf2AndAZoo

I agree with Danielle, people need to quit talking about every little thing they do. Why talk about her after that 'scandal', instead of bashing the MARRIED man & FATHER who was putting moves on a young woman? That's f--ked up. And I don't know exactly what someone's teeth would look like if they were only brushed once a day, but I would assume it would be far worse than the way her teeth look. Just sayin.

Kirsty Hamblett

surely of she was that gross then rob would have left her? i mean someone who is in the 'spotlight' quite a bit isn't going to want to be know as 'the star with the girlfriend that doesn't wash' i mean seriously....

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