Heidi Klum's Topless Bikini Pic Enrages Jealous Haters (PHOTO)

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heidi klumIn case you didn't get the status update, Heidi Klum is on an island vacay now, and she's doing what most moms do on island vacays -- sunbathing topless. Klum tweeted a jealously-inducing photo to her million plus followers on Tuesday that featured her topless self lying on a lounge chair that looks more comfortable than my bed, with a backdrop that makes me want to pack up all my belongs and fly somewhere warm this instant.

As with everything on the Internet, though, there are tons of negative comments toward Heidi, saying "god help her children", she's "desperate for attention", and she's "aging and desperate to stay sexy" (yes, those are actual comments). But I say to hell with 'em, Heidi! If I look like you at 40 (or ever), ya best believe I'm going to document that shit.


I know that this is the age of both posting every photo you take of yourself on the Internet and yelling at anyone who posts anything on the Internet -- but haters, relax. Heidi isn't naked, for chrissake. She's lying on a beach chair. She isn't the first person in the world to take her top off while tanning. Who cares? They're boobs. And you can't even seem them! (And she looks good.)

I'm all for moms (and dads!) taking photos of themselves when they're all young and glowy and haven't lost the battle against gravity yet -- I think it's awesome for kids to see their parents when they "looked good." My mother was constantly behind the camera when she was younger, so my family is woefully understocked with pictures of her from way back when. And, as her daughter, I can say that it's kind of a bummer. I love looking at photos of her from her youth -- as I'm sure my kids will with my husband and me.

I think there are plenty of celeb moms out there who take photos of themselves in clothing and positions that leave something to be desired. But Klum sunbathing topless? Please. This isn't raunchy. Not in the slightest. You just jelly.

What do you think of Heidi's photo?


Image via Heidi Klum/Twitter

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linzemae linzemae

geez, people need to calm down. there is nothing wrong with this photo! she looks great!

zandh... zandhmom2

She does look great. If I was to be jealous, it would be because I want to be the one lying on the beach!!!

Maias... MaiasMommy619

Haters everywhere it seems!

Maevelyn Maevelyn

I have pictures of my mom by the pool doing the same thing. It's a pretty normal thing to do. Am I the only person who looks at this picture and think "Man she looks comfortable?" I am jealous of the beautiful location but I don't hate her for it lol. people are crazy. 

minty... mintymommy

I think I couldn care less. Seriously, folks, get a life immediately!

amomm... amommy2jack

I, too am jealous that I'm not on the beach lounging in a comfy chair (I also wish I looked like that).

CPN322 CPN322

She looks REALLY great!!

Anony... AnonyMOUSE715

lol its barely topless silly haters gonna hateeee

doodledo doodledo

She looks great. Wish i looked similar but i do not...but at least i get to go on my own tropical vacation in a month. There will always be jealous haters and who cares about them? Not me and certainly not heidi klum.

Mindy Songfer

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