Kourtney Kardashian Doesn't Just Look Good Because She's Rich -- She Has an Awesome Secret (PHOTO)


kourtney kardashianDespite being the mom of a toddler and an infant, Kourtney Kardashian always manages to look good. Is it because she's rich and famous and probably has 20 assistants catering to her every whim? Yeah, probably. But let's pretend it's not for a minute. Let's pretend that Kourtney is -- oft-used phrase ahead! -- "just like us." She still would look good. Wanna know why? She dresses in color palette.

Well, she doesn't all the time (I'm just full of hypotheticals today, aren't I?), but what she's wearing in this photo is a perfect example of how one could -- and should -- dress in color palettes. Especially if said "one" is a mom. Makes life way easier.

Whenever I buy clothes for a season -- or go on vacation -- I shop/pack via color scheme. For instance, this fall/winter, I've been wearing a lot of black (shocker), gray, white, and tan. This way, I can mix and match everything. I get more outfits -- and more bang for my buck. Same goes for traveling -- no need to pack an outfit for every day. Just pack two pairs of pants, three tops, and two skirts -- ones that can all go with one another.

Every piece Kourtney has on in this photo is perfect for mixing and matching. Realistically, all she would need is a few more pairs of pants, a couple more tops, and maybe another jacket. She'd be good 'til April.

But, like I said, she's rich and famous, so clearly she's not going to do that. But for those of us who aren't -- it's a pretty nifty, thrifty idea.

Do you ever shop by color?


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MomLi... MomLily67

I do, and mostly solids, but when you have a good collection of solids, it's easier to add some prints. And I don't tend to get all  the  "latest styles", so you end up with clothes that are wearable longer. No  expensive items either.

tuffy... tuffymama

LOL mammajigglypuff!

That outfit looks like shit. The top she's wearing dwarfs her petite figure and makes her downstairs look enormous. I've seen other pics of her in the top sans jacket and OHMIGAH it's hideous. You Kartrashian lickers need to move on. Find someone with talent and purpose to idolize.

To answer the question, I buy classic basics so my extensive vintage accessories collection can shine. I wear color, of course, but most of my clothing I buy to wear out of the house is pretty timeless.

Freela Freela

Yes, I do try to buy items that will mix and match easily, so I can mix up my outfits and end up with more combinations that all look good together. However, I'm pretty sure the Kardashians don't have to be thrifty like I do... and I'm pretty sure that with a staff and an unlimited budget, I would look put-together everywhere I went too!

Hyman Hyman

Officially the most poorly written article I've ever read. I'm dizzy now.

Cel7777 Cel7777

That outfit isn't flattering at all. Weird choice to use as the basis for an article.

Texas... TexasGirl512

OMG! You're so right. Kourtney's color palette totally matches the baby's stroller!


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