‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Gives Plastic Surgery as Gifts This Holiday -- How Sweet!

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Farrah Abraham plastic surgeryIf you can't tell by now, Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom fame is quite the fan of plastic surgery. Between the boob job she underwent in front of the cameras and the facial work she explained in detail in a national magazine, Abraham is not one to shy away from having a little work done. But even Farrah wouldn't be crazy enough to suggest you give the gift of plastic surgery this holiday, would she?

She wouldn't actually think that people would WANT their family to give them the gift of saying their body isn't "good enough" to celebrate the holiday, would they? C'mon, you guys, you know the answer to this one! Of course she would!

Said Farrah on her Sulia channel:

yes look in past months and I have received some enhancements for the better, so let me know if this holiday season your [sic] hoping to get a gift?

The Teen Mom even offered up a link to her favorite doctor and a list of her favorite cosmetic surgery gifts. Tummy tuck, anyone? How about lipo suction [sic]? Or a facelift? Farrah approves!

I understand that Farrah is a woman confident with her appearance and proud enough of the work she's had done to let In Touch magazine not only put her on the cover but point out where doctors cut ... right there on the cover. But the blase approach she has toward cosmetic surgery frightens me. Suggesting someone give this as a gift for Christmas puts a life-changing procedure on par with buying someone a book.

Not quite what I'd have in mind ...

Just imagine what that would feel like: you open a box from your honey, and inside is a gift certificate for liposuction. What do you say? "Oh, Babe, you shouldn't have told me you don't think I'm good enough!" I'd rather have no gift than one that makes me feel like the person who loves me doesn't love me just the way I am.

Not all cosmetic surgery is necessarily bad, folks. But all of it is extremely personal, and it takes a lot of forethought before committing to something so extreme. It's not the kind of thing that you want wrapped up under the Christmas tree like a sweater that will be returned on the 26th.

If this is the way Farrah looks at cosmetic surgery, maybe it's time she stops while she's ahead.

Do you think Farrah has an unhealthy concept of plastic surgery? Would you welcome a gift certificate to a plastic surgeon for Christmas?


Image via In Touch

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Coles... Coles_mom

I have no idea who this girl is and have never seen the show- BUT yes, I would LOVE plastic surgery for Christmas! I've had three c-sections and an close to 40, so I have some skin that will never just go back on its own. I'd love to have that removed (aka tummy tuck) and while we're at is, lets just stick the boobs back where they belong- not sitting on my stomach lol.

Kimberly Ross

I think its her business and if shes giving out gifts i want lypo and a tummy tuck feel free to leave me a gift certificate under the tree! woo hoo id be so happy...

blue82 blue82

She looked fine the way she used too look now she looks as if she gained weight wit her new face I wonder if her ugly crying face was fixed too just saying when she cried her face looked funky

nonmember avatar Angee Marie

By all means, Farrah can certainly send me to her doc!!!!!

nonmember avatar alysa mcneill

I would love to have lipo.......i am 24 with 3 kids.......twins and a son.....i could use lipo.....i gained 100lbs.......i had csection with both pregnancies

dirti... dirtiekittie

she looked better before. her face just looks puffy now, and her nose and cheeks actually look bigger. personally, i thought the original farrah was far prettier. but, her body, her choices. just not ones i would make personally. and certainly not to give out as gifts. 

nonmember avatar Erin

No way in hell I want surgery to "fix" me. I have had 3 c sections before the age of 25. I am happy. Farrah just because you have the money does not mean waste itbon surgery. How about a college fund for your daughter.

Rhys Branman


It's true that many people do give gift certificates for cosmetic surgery on the holidays. And lots of people get procedures done then also because they have time off from work of school. But you know, lots of women have been giving men the gift of Botox lately! Bro-tox is upon us!


Dr Rhys Branman

Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center


Mike Abraham

Erin...you judgemental person that is talking without fact....we do have a college fund for Sophia....and lets see what you spend your money on???? Its your business and its Farrah's business if she wants to spend money that way 

Samantha Morehead

if someone got me boobs for xmas id be happy :) ive had 3 kids and they each took some so now ive gotta shop in the kids section :( i think if its something the gifter knew the giftee wanted then there is nothing wrong w it!

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