Disturbing ‘Human Ken Doll’ Had Over 90 Surgeries to Look Like Barbie’s Guy (VIDEO)

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human ken dollWondering how far is too far when it comes to trying to attain physical perfection? Look no further than Justin Jedica, The Human Ken Doll.

He has had almost 100 cosmetic procedures, including having his cranial brow bone shaved, a brow lift, five rhinoplasties, cheek, lip, chin, and butt augmentations, and pec and tricep implants. There is barely an inch on his body that hasn't been reworked. And you won't believe what he plans to do next.

He's already spent $100,000 and plans to invest more into molding his body into the perfect male specimen. The quest began at age 18 when Justin had his first surgery -- a rhinoplasty. "It really is something that set me apart and validated me," he said. "I felt so euphoric." What a scary and dangerous high. "I have always been into plastic surgery just because it's an extension of me being creative. In essence, I treat myself as though I was my own sculpture. My own artwork."

Usually we associate this crazed beauty-at-any-cost ideal with women. Who could forget The Human Barbie Jenny Lee. She spiraled into one plastic surgery after another to "please others with her appearance." Some 40 procedures later (four on her nose), it's clear that there is something very, very wrong. She was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Then there are the Barbie Twins, friends who are so obsessed with the doll they have frighteningly tiny waists, large busts, flaxen hair, and large dead eyes just like their idol.

None of these cases sit right with me. These toys are an unrealistic model of beauty. I know that we idolize many of those features, but there is no way anyone can naturally look that way -- so why batter your body to do it? It just seems scary and dangerous. Justin admits, there are risks -- but it's worth it as far as he is concerned. "Nothing worthwhile in life comes without taking risks." As one doctor put it, any of those numerous implants could possibly become infected later on down the line. Justin, however, isn't buying it. He thinks what he has done is perfectly safe and justifies it with the following analogy: "It's like redecorating your home. Your house changes with you. You travel around the world and you bring things back with you. My idea of beauty has changed from when I was 18 versus now when I'm 32 because I have exposed myself to different people."

But I'm not buying his rationalization. Not only is this physically dangerous, there is clearly some emotional issue at work here. It seems as though he just can't be happy with himself. He may be over-the-moon right after a procedure, but that joy quickly wears off. Then it's, like, what can I cut into next. I am sorry but that is not normal.

As he ages, he will undoubtedly find more and more to tweak -- and that's actually something he looks forward to. "I don't think I will ever be done," he said. "I don't see a reason for stopping. It's like asking Picasso not to paint." Is he for real? Perhaps taking a look at Jocelyn Wilderstein will change his mind. Let's hope so for his face's sake!

Do you think he has gone too far?

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UgtaB... UgtaBkdnMe

He looks nothing like Ken, he should ask for a refund.

Vegeta Vegeta

If it makes him happy it doesn't matter how weird or disgusting you think it is. He isn't bothering anyone.

tuffy... tuffymama

He's not hurting anyone, except maybe himself. Surgery is risky. I hope he stops soon, because to me, this doesn't seem the habit of a person at peace.

Amanda Rainville

UgtaBkdnMe My thoughts exactly, he looks nothing like Ken, to be compared to such an icon is an insult.

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

Good luck with the flat plastic crotch surgery!

LiveL... LiveLearnEat

Poor guy, he looks awful! And not like Ken (though I don't really think looking like Ken would be a good thing...)

Valda... ValdaThomas

He should be worried about how much damage its doing to himself. All that silicone in his body, and not just pecs but most of his major muscle are silicone implants!

If he would put the effort into working out, he'd get more sincere compliments and positive attention.

psych... psychofab

I wasn't terribly concerned until he flat disagrees saying, "I don't belive you" when a doctor points out that there's only so far human flesh can go before it breaks. Before that he claims it's all safe because his doc won't allow him to do something dangerous. Then he reveals he probably won't listen to his doc when he does try to put his foot down. 

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