5 Crazy Tricks for the World's Smoothest Legs

stacey kieblerBack when I was a childless, showering-every day kind of lady, I had super smooth legs. Am I retroactively bragging? Perhaps. But hear me out -- tips to come. When I had something "big" -- be it a hot date, or a wedding -- I knew some crazy beauty tricks. These tricks were a collection of things I read about and tried over the years, as well as things I invented myself (or at least found out about on my own). Some of the "secrets" are time-consuming, and some definitely shouldn't be done every day, but if you have a special occasion, and you want the smoothest, softest legs in the world -- legs that don't start getting prickly later on in the day -- I have a list for you. Here are 5 ways you can get the world's smoothest legs.


Exfoliate before getting in the shower. This one I read somewhere, some time in another life. And it works. Before showering, stand in your tub or shower and rub your legs -- vigorously -- with an exfoliator. I used to always use St. Ives Apricot Scrub (the one for your face) because it's cheap, but more recently, I've done it with actual sugar and jojoba oil. (Note -- I haven't done this in a while, because, like I said, child.) Rinse while showering. Obviously.

Shower twice. I know, this one is kind of insane. But this is key if you don't want to start feeling like you need to shave hours after you ... shaved. Shower in the morning, and shave. Moisturize afterwards. Then, later on, when you're actually getting ready, shower and shave and moisturize again. Trust me when I say your legs will be smoother than they've ever been. Yes, I realize this is wasteful and unrealistic, so no, not meant for every day. Special occasion, people. (Oh, and bonus tip: Leave your conditioner in after Shower #1, and rinse during Shower #2. Smooth legs. Soft hair.)

Moisturize the second -- no, the instant! -- that you get out of the shower. When legs are still a little damp, it locks in the moisture.

Use an oil. I'm on a jojoba oil kick, but really anything will work -- argan oil, coconut oil, hell, even olive oil. But you'll probably smell like a salad afterwards if you use that. An oil I became obsessed with when I was pregnant was Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil. It's meant for stretch marks, but can totally be for everyday use. A little pricey, though. Oh, and wrap yourself in a robe for a bit after you lube up, as you don't want to stain anything.

Use a body wash and a puff. After washing off the exfoliant you dutifully scrubbed on pre-shower, shave with a good, creamy body wash that's been sudsed up with a puff. I have no brand I'm loyal to when it comes to body washes -- the ingredient "vitamin e" is always a good sign, though. I never use shave gel or cream. Don't think it works, and hate the smell. But that's me.

And there you have it! Legs for days. Doable for every day? Um, that'd be a no. But if you have something special, I say go for it.

What "smooth leg" tips do you have?

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